Ike’s Top 5 Yuri of June 2019

Hey guys, it’s Ike, and I’m back at it again. Remember what I wrote in the last Top 5 Yuri blog? April was a stale month for me, and May wasn’t exactly any better. In fact, I only found two and one of them I’ve already featured on another top yuri list. It’s Virgin’s Empire, by the way. There are new chapters. You should check it out.

Ike’s Top 5 Yuri Of March 2019

After the month of love, Ike thought it’d be a great idea to make a list of sad yuri. Then she realizes that she wouldn’t want to ruin her own day, so she went with just regular yuri… or did she? Stay on your toes with Ike’s top 5 yuri of March 2019.