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Hey guys, it’s Ike! Let’s talk about a Korean webtoon that doesn’t make me angry for once. Instead, I just got very confused and slightly uncomfortable. This webtoon is called Pet’s Aesthetics by Team Gaji, who’ve also made What Does The Fox Say?

Honest, I saw the promotion pic, and I thought there were going to be some BDSM elements into it. It was the only reason why I clicked on it so fast. Let’s just say that I was so confused that I forgot to be disappointed by the lack of BDSM. I didn’t realize this was from the same creator as WDTFS, but I had a feeling due to Cho-Ul reminding me of Sungji.

So, what is Pet’s Aesthetics?

The story’s about two childhood friends named Ju-Ah and Cho-Ul. Ju-Ah is madly in love with her stone-faced friend, but she’s afraid of losing the friendship that she has with her. And that’s about it. It’s a rather short story with 8 chapters.

Disclaimer: NSFW

Spoiler-free Review

This is one of the rare webtoons that doesn’t make me angry, which is funny considering it came from the same people who made WDTFS. Instead, it leaves me confused and slightly uncomfortable. More on that in the Spoiler Arena.

I enjoyed the interaction between the two childhood friends. Despite the short length, I thought Team Gaji did well on making them believable. Since this story is focused on our MCs, the side character (if I can really call them that) are rather one-dimensional.

The art and I have a love/hate relationship. The smut scene is gratifying, but the spindly limbs lose me. Though there are some beautiful sequences like when they went to the Flower Viewing Festival. The coloring is distinct and shows Team Gaji’s style. Then there’s Cho-Ul’s face. Her expression is non-existent. I can’t figure out what she’s thinking, and even when the narration goes to her, I still don’t get it.

Chapter 1 – 5 are great, and it shows the sexual tension that Ju-Ah is feeling for Cho-Ul. But it builds up to a climax that changes my opinion multiple times. Chapter 6 & 7 is… interesting, to say the least. You’ll know when you read it.

Or you can always stick around for the Spoiler Arena.

Spoiler Arena

In the prologue, we see Cho-Ul waking up after having sex with Ju-Ah for the first time. She wonders what Ju-Ah will say when she wakes up. Then comes chapter 1, where the first dialog says (paraphrasing), “Did those two really sleep together?” Haha. Wait… it’s as if these college girls are foreshadowing what will be of Ju-Ah and Cho-Ul! Nah, can’t be. They’re just a group of girls having a good time at a restaurant.

So in this chapter, we are introduced to our two main characters, whose names I’ve already mentioned. We get comments from their friends about how they’re childhood friends. And due to knowing each other for so long, they’re very comfortable being close. Eventually, the both of them got home from the party and quickly made plans to go to the Flower Viewing Festivals. Their interactions are real cute. (I’m trying to gush as much before the climax)

This leads to the next chapter, when on the day of the Flower Viewing Festival, Ju-Ah has a lewd dream about Cho-Ul. This messes up her day as now all she can think about is sex. With Cho-Ul, of course. It doesn’t help that they got a hotel, and Cho-Ul asks for them to sleep together.

Chapter 3 is delightful. I love the closeness. I love Cho-Ul’s persistence (hm… I wonder). Finally, Ju-Ah can’t take it anymore, and she tears away from her not-girlfriend, rushing to the bathroom to masturbate. We get a shot of her from outside the bathroom; the door is all glass… huh… good thing Cho-Ul didn’t see that.

Also, we have more insight into how Ju-Ah interprets the relationship.

Chapter 4 has us at another party. This time, it’s a high school reunion. Wow! Ju-Ah gets hit on by some boy, we see Cho-Ul’s… death stare? As the girls were heading to their afterparty, the boy is almost successful in getting Ju-Ah’s number, but he is thwarted by her not-girlfriend. She makes a gesture at Ju-Ah that you would do to a dog. Pet’s Aesthetic. Ah.

In the afterparty, the girls tease Ju-Ah about how good she looks now. Maybe the reason for that is she’s got a boyfriend. She denies it, but is crestfallen when Cho-Ul said she could introduce her to someone. Hey, maybe that someone could’ve been your not-girlfriend. You’d never know.

Then at the second afterparty, they went to karaoke with plans on boozing it up. Ju-Ah attempts to apologize to Cho-Ul for… something. And in the end, it’s just the two of them in a dark karaoke room. Cho-Ul is asleep/sleepy, and Ju-Ah just can’t help but give her a smooch. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately?), she’s actually awake and questions why Ju-Ah would kiss her and mentions that they’ve done this back in school.

Was it out of boredom? That’s what our orange hair MC says.

In the next chapter, they go back to Cho-Ul’s place, who then pounces on her friend and admits that she didn’t do it out of boredom. She did it because she wanted to. Then the scene ends, and suddenly it’s the next day. What happens after that? Does Cho-Ul just go back to sleep? It’s plausible that’s what she did.

It was a good kiss scene.

This sets Ju-Ah’s lust on fire, and she simply cannot control it anymore. This leads us to… chapter 6.

Imagine, you go to sleep, but then you get woken up by your childhood friend who is on top of you. What do you do? You ask her to show you what she’s doing, of course.

During Ju-Ah’s narration here, she talks about how she’s afraid of Cho-Ul leaving her. That she’ll do anything to keep her by her side. By anything, I suppose she means just make Cho-Ul finish off her lust. Heh.

Cho-Ul is so disinterested in this chapter. Anyways, she finishes her off, and she looks at her wet hand. Then she orders Ju-Ah to rest while she goes to wash up. Hah. The job’s done, it’s time to sleep. That’s totally not awkward at all. However, Ju-Ah stops her and offers to pleasure her.

In chapter 7, Ju-Ah takes the lead… I guess? And she goes down on her… I suppose? She’s doing something. I just don’t know what because Cho-Ul looks really bored during the whole sequence. On my first read, it was confounding, then as I continue to reread it, it started becoming comedic. I had a lot of fun rereading this.

Was Cho-Ul even interested in continuing? If she did, she wouldn’t need to wash her hands.

Anyways, as Ju-Ah is licking, Cho-Ul stops her, but since Ju-Ah is so inside her own head, she asks if she did well. As she gets recognition, she decides that she can do better and starts grinding on Cho-Ul.

Again, Cho-Ul looks really bored, and it gets even better than Ju-Ah climaxes and faints on top of her. Here, we have a confused Cho-Ul who doesn’t know what to do next other than go wash up and sleep, haha.

In the final chapter, for the first time, we have a narration from Cho-Ul. It appears she’s expected this to happen, especially when she’s seen Ju-Ah masturbating back in chapter 3. She felt sorry for Ju-Ah, for the fact that she’s feeling this way towards her. Then Cho-Ul backtracks, expressing that she’s curious. She’s getting to see an expression, a voice, and a touch of Ju-Ah that she’s never felt before. It’s a feeling that she’ll never be tired of. Which can be a good thing.

It’s just… the ending… I don’t get it.

They had sex. Cho-Ul asks Ju-Ah what is their relationship now? She says that she likes them the way they are. What? So you’d rather be friends with benefits? I know that you live in fear of Cho-Ul leaving you, and you think you have a fragile friendship that doing anything weird (like having sex?) would instantly break a bond of 20-something years. Ok, when I say it like that, I’ll drop this topic.

In the last two pages, Ju-Ah asks if they are friends, and the response she gets is “Shh…”

Don’t talk about it? Okay.

Don’t you think it would be better for Ju-Ah if you discussed it?

According to chapter 8.5, you’ve known that Ju-Ah’s got a crush on you for a while now. There are some hints that you might even share her feelings. Why not just chat?

Oh, well.

So overall, I realized how different my bad and mild ramblings are. Wait, no. I thought the webtoon had a substantial five chapters. The climax made me think differently, but it doesn’t soil my liking for sections 1 – 5. It’s short, so I’d recommend you read it so you can form your own opinions. If you have read it, what did you think of this webtoon? Let me know!

That’s about it for me.

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