Ike's Top 5 Yuri of January

   Hey, guys. Itís Ike and welcome back to another top 5 or top whatever list of yuri. I find it funny that the last top yuri list I wrote, I said that I had a stale month. If youíve seen my previous video about Looking Up To Magical Girls, youíd know.

   Anyways, Iíve started rereading more yuri and pushing my complaints aside yet again. Because thatís what you should do when you have a problem, just ignore it, and hopefully, itíll fix itself! (Donít follow Ikeís advice)

   Other than that, please keep in mind that all of these are my personal opinions. Take everything with a grain of salt. It doesnít have to be a yuri made within this month, just what Iíve been reading this month.

   Letís get started.

   5. Your True Color by Fuyume Saya

   Currently, this manga has two chapters, so there isnít too much for me to work with. I will say, the art and Sumika were what got my attention.

   Your True Color is about a girl named Hinata Ito, who admires a celebrity named Sumika. One day, while trying to escape from a rigorous teacher, she has a fateful encounter with Sumika. The only issue is that the real Sumika does not act the way celebrity Sumika and that messes with Hinata, who seems to be one of those ďpureĒ fans. Hearing that Sumika wasnít what Hinata expected, she decides to get Hinataís help in becoming ďSumika.Ē

Such dedication.

   Well, that summary wasnít confusing at all, was it? This is what happens when there are no summaries, and I have to write one on my own.

   My first impression of this yuri manga is that Sumika is cute. I have a soft spot for clumsy, entitled girls. Is that too specific? Oh, well. Iíll reserve my judgment on Hinata because Iíd like to know more about her past. Weíve learned a bit about the strict rules of her school, which isnít a surprise.

Sure, I’d spend some time with you.

   Iím about to dip into spoiler territory, so look away even though there are only two chapters out. Sumika has her first ongoing drama, and she asks Hinata to take up the role of an extra, which just so happens to be a kiss scene. It was supposed to be fake, but Sumika ends up kissing Hinata for real. Then thereís the ending to chapter 2, and it makes me hope that this is their first time meeting each other (previous chapter). If Sumika remembers Hinata from that one time she was kind to her, Iím going to flip.

   Anyways, check it out and let me know your first impression!

   4. Warikitta Kankei desukara. by FLOWERCHILD

   Disclaimer: NSFW and uhhhÖ

   Hey, are you tired of sweet and fluffy romance? Do you feel like getting punched in the gut? Well, thatís actually for another manga that Iíll talk about it in the video.

   Warikitta Kaneki desukara. is about a lonely girl named Kaburagi Aya, who ends up meeting Kurosaki Sei, a high school teacher with trauma from the past, through a dating app. With both having an ulterior motive to use each other, their relationships continue to spiral downward.

Flirting with you? On a dating app? No…

   Hereís what I thought when I first read chapter one: ďWow, that is so predatory, yet unapologetic.Ē This isnít a healthy relationship, and itíll only go down from here. I genuinely felt creeped out, and I havenít felt that from a yuri in a while. Iím a big fan of bad romance (and the song too) because it showcases the dark side of humanity. Not every relationship has a rainbow at the end of the road.

†††The surprising thing is the fact that itís by the same mangaka who made Hungry For You: Endo Yasuko Stalks the Night. Although, seeing the odd humor in Endo Yasuko, I can see how that translated over to this new series. That and the second volume of Hungry For You is a big giveaway of what FLOWERCHILD is capable of.

It begins.

   The art is very pleasing to the eyes. The situation is not, however. Itís like reading a rape hentai that has some of the best art youíve ever seen. Your id embraces it, but your superego tells you otherwise.

   As for the characters, itís unfortunate that Aya has gotten herself into this situation. Iím glad that she admits her fault, and maybe if it were to anybody else, that wouldíve ended their conversations. The only issue is that the person sheís conversing with is Kuro, whoís a borderline yandere. I will continue to reserve my judgment on Kuro, but feel free to think of her as a predator because she is.

   Comparable to a sexy trainwreck, you just canít look away from the smut. Itís a shitshow, and itís going to build up until it bottlenecks. If thatís not your thing, then no worries. We can move on.

   If youíre intrigued, then check it out.

   3. After School

   After the two previous manga, itís time to move on back to regular high school girls. This time, however, theyíre on the attack for each otherís lips.

   After School is about two girls named Hakozaki Shiine and Kamisato Ichika, who spend their time after schoolÖ kissing. Thatís pretty much it, and I have no complaints.

   Iím not a big fan of characters lying about having experience because I get a substantial amount of second-hand embarrassment. (As a person who had outlandish lies as a kid, itís ridiculously embarrassing when you get found out.) Luckily, that misunderstanding dissipates pretty quickly, and all that weíre left with is smut ó the right kind.

Smooches all around.

   Anyways, I enjoyed the two main characters, and I thought their chemistry together was great. The passive-aggressiveness from Ichika is wondrous. I particularly love that itís focused on kissing, which is something I wish we had more of. When you see characters kiss, usually itíll be a peck or a simple smooch. In this manga, it also gives insight on a variety of kisses, and maybe, later on, weíll get something even more incredible than a kiss?

   Check it out!

   2. Lily Marble

   When I first saw this manga, it was relatively new, and I had a mild impression on it. More on that in a bit. So, what is this manga about?

   Lily Marble takes place in a gym called the Fitness Club Lily, and it follows several women who either work there or is a member. Even though it might seem peaceful upfront, many of their secrets and feelings for each other begin to surface.

When I first read this manga, I wasnít too sure about it. It wasnít a bad read, but it never really left a big imprint on me. Then after my big hiatus, I completely forgot about the series. Fast forward to now, Iím late on 19 chapters. Rereading the beginning and up to the latest chapters, it was when the plot began to unravel. I got hooked on quick.

   I enjoyed all of the characters and their pairings. Notably, the interactions between everyone is very satisfying. What I dislike about romance manga that involves multiple pairings is that often each couple is placed within a bubble.


   My favorite pair has to be Iwashita and Tsubasa. Actually, before this, I thought I didnít have a favorite. So I decided to reread the beginning to see all the character introduction, and then Tsubasaís intro chapter hit, and I snickered real hard. That was when I knew I had found her. Oh wait, I was talking about couples. Yeah, Iwashita and Tsubasa (also known as Adonis?) are my favorites. By the way, Moe and Hikari are pretty close behind.

   The art style is rather smooth, and I am fond of the faces. Thatís all I have to say.

   In terms of story, I fancy Moe and Hikari. I also like the plot progression in their story and how it affected everybody else in the workplace. Aya and Risa fall close second. Iím just a sucker for bittersweet stories. Although itís a bit more sweet than bitter.

   Check it out.

   (Bonus) 30 Minutes by murasakino

   Just as the title says, this one-shot is short and cute. Although I donít know how I got the ďcuteĒ out of ď30 minutesĒ. Anyways, the cover is charming yet somber. In such a short amount of time, this manga had my heart aching for this poor anxious girl. But itís okay.

   Check it out.

   1. Vampeers, My Peer Vampires by Higashiyama Show

   From the creator of Prism, an older yuri and one of the first that Iíve read. It was such a shame that it was short-lived. Then this came along.

   Vampeers, My Peer Vampires is about a high school girl named Ichika, who recently lost her grandma and then immediately falls in love with a vampire. This is their love story.

Instant love recipe where?

   First off, the humor is very odd. It reminds me of Hungry For You: Endo Yasuko Stalks The Night, and for some reason, FLOWERCHILD continues to stalk my mind. Even the title of this manga reminds me of them. Anyways, I was a bit put off by it at first, but I got used to it over time.

   Iím about to toss some minor/major spoilers. The vampire concept in this manga is so OP that itís kinda lame. I wished the mangaka did more with it, but oh well.

What a surprise.

   The concept of the plot, on the other hand, is pretty amusing. It gets even better as it advances. Iíve been having a great time reading it. And I gotta sayÖ the art makes me nostalgic. Can you believe that Prism was created in 2010? Wow. Higashiyama has undoubtedly improved on his art. The lips are looking even better, and the eyes are more pronounced. It is a delightful treat.

   By the way, chapter 4 of Prism is my favorite.

   The characters are very energetic, and they have their quirks. I admire Ichika for her aggressiveness, but then I remember sheís 14.

   Anyways, you should check it out. Itís a pleasure to read.

   So thatís the end of this monthís list. Whatís your favorite read this month? Or simply, what have you been reading? Be sure to comment down below.

   Thank you guys for reading this. If you enjoy my content and you want to support me, you can always check out my shop on Amazon. Or use my affiliate link whenever youíre looking to buy something on Amazon.

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