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Hey guys, it’s Ike. Let’s talk about a yuri manga called Looking Up To Magical Girls by Ononaka Akihiro. Before this series, they made Kumika no Mikaku, which is a rom-com about an alien girl experiencing human cuisine for the first time. Because at this point, in order to rehash our own food, we have to introduce them to aliens (or just have a Restaurant to Another World).

It is a pretty good manga, even if it isn’t yuri, and I’d recommend you checking it out if you enjoy slice of life.

Anyways… what is Looking Up To Magical Girls about?

A sigh of relief or…?

    Hiiragi Utena is enthralled by the three magical girls in her town. One day, she gets the opportunity to become a magical girl herself (from a creature who totally doesn’t remind me of Madoka Magica at all), but there’s a catch. She’s transformed into the Leaderess of the Forces of Evil! Now begins the fight of Magical Girls and the Forces of Evil!

    Disclaimer: NSFW & BDSM (2 great genres together!)

    Spoiler-Free Review

    What can I say? I love yuri, and I love BDSM. Mash them together, and you’ve got a holy grail in the making. This is less of a review and more of a first impression as this manga is relatively new and currently only has seven (translated) chapters out.

    The whole feel of the manga reminds me of old superhero shows like the Power Rangers and PowerPuff Girls. I get a weird sense of nostalgia, but then the BDSM hits me in the face when I least expected it. I came into this manga, thinking that it was just going to be a yuri about magical girls, and I had no thought about anything else, so it was a pleasant surprise.

A simple backstory.

    For the plot, I wonder if it’ll take a dark turn later on in the story or if it’ll continue this “superhero” feel it’s been doing. I say that because of Venalita. Either way, I’ll be happy for some backstory for these characters.

    Character-wise, I absolutely love Utena as the mistress–I mean, the Leaderess of the Forces of Evil. The magical girls have their own individual charm, and again, I’d love to learn more about them (backstory!). I’m wary of Venalita due to it being familiar to Kyubey. By the way, I really like Tres Magenta and Azul! Great subs!

    Don’t forget about the art! AH! The way Utena’s eyes are drawn is so magnetizing. She’s got great facial expressions. The last character, whose facial expression I was fond of was Yuno Gasei. I’m not comparing them, though.

Such a great face.

    I wholeheartedly recommend you to read this! Unless bondage isn’t your thing, then no worries.

    Remember to read the manga first before heading into the Spoiler Arena! Unless you don’t care about spoilers, then go ahead! Additionally, for more fun, check out my video to see my reaction to it.

    Spoiler Arena

    I giggled and grinned like an idiot while reading this manga. There’s something about that nostalgic feeling of superhero shows, yuri, and BDSM that just do me in. Is that weird? Don’t answer that.

    We get a necessary explanation of the world in the first few pages of chapter one. In this world, there are magical girls, and there are the forces of evil. Aaaand, that’s it. This is one of the reasons why I’d like more backstory because right now, there really isn’t a lot of substance in terms of world-building.

    Our main lead, Utena, is discovered by Venalita, who immediately transforms her into the Leaderess of the Forces of Evil. Venalita proceeds to blackmail Utena via social media into participating. This is when Tres Magia arrives, and Utena uses her magical power to tie them all up and give them all a good spanking. I was charmed at this point.

O ho!

    It certainly made me wonder what was going to happen in the next chapter, and guess what? It was a type of play that I absolutely adore. Utena catches Tres Magia in her trap once more, and she starts tickling them. Ah, how great to be able to tie a girl down and tickle her. (Just pretend you never read that). Fantastic reactions from Tres Magenta!

    After this chapter, we get a solo chapter with Tres Azul, who is a feisty sub! Not only did this manga have a tickle play in the previous section, but in chapter three, we get a blindfold thrown in as well! How fun! I really enjoy the corruption that is happening with all our characters.

    We have Utena, who is slowly becoming more of her true self–a natural sadist. Then we have the Tres Magia girls who are becoming corrupt by Utena. Well, maybe except for Sulfur. I think she was already there, to begin with.

It’s okay to come over to the dark side.

    In chapter four, we discover that Sulfur is actually a dom! This makes me excited that we will have more battles between doms later on. Though I will admit, this chapter wasn’t for me. Still, it provides us with a dainty set-up. This is also the time when Venalita lies to Utena about the reason it started fighting the magical girls. Another reason for me to think about the potential darkness that resides in this story.

    In chapter five, we are introduced to Kiwi, who is also a part of Enormeeta. I really like her character design because it’s funny to me. She dresses like a soldier, yet she’s wearing nothing but a thong and boots from the waist down. That thong must give her +30 defense, but it didn’t help when she got electrocuted.

Now this is some fine armor.

    Anyways, we get another intriguing statement from Venalita, where it said that Utena’s heart restraint is gradually coming off due to her meeting with Kiwi. I wonder what this creature has in store for Utena once she becomes thoroughly corrupt.

    Although I do like the magical fights, I would like a few more chapters about them in school. This is really funny because I had a whole rant in my video about how yuri manga is a bit stale due to it almost always being about girls in high school figuring out their feelings for each other. Consider the fact that they don’t know each other’s identity, it’d be nice to see them interact without a sense of malice (for the most part).

    Another thing… in the beginning, I thought about how “weak” the magical girls were. Though as I continued, I realize they’re just dummies when it comes to falling into traps. They do get out of it eventually, or as in chapter four, Sulfur beat Utena in a one-on-one battle. I also like that they have a conversation about Baiser (the name for Utena’s magical girl form) and how she hasn’t done anything to really hurt them.

    Overall, I had a blast reading this manga, and as I said towards the end of my spoiler-free review, I highly recommend you read it! There really isn’t anything else I can say that I haven’t already. What did you think of this manga? Let me know!

    That’s about it for me.

    Hey! Congratulations on making it here. Thanks for reading.

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