Thoughts On Transparent Light Blue [Yuri Review]

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††† Hey guys, itís Ike. Letís talk about a yuri manga called Transparent Light Blue by Kiyoko Iwami. I first saw this on Amazon and didnít realize Iíve actually read this before. When it arrived at my doorstep and I saw the cover again, all the memories of this manga rushed back to me. ItísÖ an interesting one.

††† What is Transparent Light Blue?

††† Ritsu is in love with her best friend Ichika, but she realized it too late. Ichika is now dating Ritsuís other friend, Shun. Will she be able to tell Ichika her true feelings? Will she push her away? Probably not. Itís a yuri. Also, thereís a second story in this manga that the summary doesnít tell you. Itís also about a love triangle, although without the ear fetish and more of a smell fetish.

††† Spoiler free review: This is a weird one. Itís got a fetish for ears and questionable morals. Youíll figure out about that last point in the middle of the first story. In the second story, it has a fetish for smell and questionable morals. Youíll see both of that very quickly. Other than that, the art is distinct but it isnít bad. Itís a mixed bag for me. I really like Shun and I thought Ichika was an adorable love interest. The second story can just go somewhere else. Would I recommend you to buy it? Only at your own risk, but you can always find it online. Everything else from now on will contain spoilers.

Actually, what is this cover even?

††† Spoiler Arena: The first two pages of this manga shows you exactly what you need to know. It starts off with a sexual innuendo and ear cleaning. Afterwards, we are shown the three main characters: Ritsu, Ichika, and Shun. As previously mentioned, they are involved in a love triangle. Ritsu loves Ichika, but Ichika is dating Shun.

††† On a day like any other, Ichika asks Ritsu to clean her ears because that’s what best friends do. They have a conversation about how she wonít let Shun clean her ears because she only trust Ritsu to do it, which obviously is a metaphor about her love for Ritsu. Then Ichika falls asleep and Ritsu takes advantage and kisses her. Much to her dismay, Shun witnesses the kiss. Afterwards, we find out that Ichika was actually awake for that kiss.

††† Due to this, Ichikaís feelings are going out of control and she canít even be near Ritsu. Shun and Ritsu have a one-on-one conversation and this is where I thought Shun is such a nice boy. Not only is he a nice boy, heís an assertive boy. We love ourselves an assertive person. I wonít spoil his entire speech (unless you watched my video), but towards the end, he says, ďAt least I confessed to her.Ē

††† That is exactly what she decides to do, although in a very whiny way. She canít be straightforward with Ichika; instead, sheís gotta complain about it and then blurt out, ďWhy couldnít you have gone out with me?Ē This makes Ichika confess that she was awake during the kiss, and then the chapter ends.

††† During this time period, Ritsu (for some reason) decides that she needs to play the villain in order to keep Ichika dating Shun. Her conclusion to making Ichika hate her is by showing her what sheís been listening to this whole time. It was Ichikaís moans that she makes when she gets her ears cleaned. Questionable morals? Anyways, she runs away as any reasonable person would. However, Ichika ends up returning to Ritsu, asking her if she could clean her ears.

††† Thereís a lot of focus on the ears. We have a full-blown confession and for some reason (yet again), Ritsu decides to give her a wet willy. The ear fetish is really blooming.

††† The chapter ends with them going out and Shun being the third wheel. These poor, nice boys in yuri manga. Why they gotta be charming and always falling for lesbians?

††† Overall, I thought this manga was weird, but it was very entertaining. That, for me, shows value and I donít regret buying this manga one bit. Honestly, it might be a bit of a guilty pleasure for me because I keep going back to it now that I have a physical copy. Donít tell anybody about what I just wrote.

††† Thatís about it for me.

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