Thoughts On Yuri Is My Job! [Yuri Review]

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    Hey, guys. Itís Ike. Letís talk about a yuri manga called Yuri Is My Job by Miman! This is a dramedy about two girls who are not who they seem to be. This is my first time reading Mimanís work, although knowing me, I mightíve already read their work and not even realize it. Sometimes I binge too much, and I donít save what Iíve read. I saw this on Amazon, and with one glance at the title, I decided to pre-order it.

††† What is Yuri Is My Job?

    Hime is the class ďperfectĒ princess, but in reality, she is always scheming and manipulating others with her fake persona. One day, she accidentally bumps into Mikoshiba, the manager of a peculiar cafe business, and injures her arm. Afraid that her image might be shattered, Hime decides to help Mikoshiba cover her shifts until her arm heals up. Unbeknownst to her, she meets with a beautiful Onee-san who has a mean streak. Basically, to sum it up, the Onee-san is a giant tsundere, and it is absolutely adorable.

††† Spoiler free review: As youíve read in the last sentence above, this seriesí got an amazing tsundere, and I always have a soft spot for them. It has a perfect blend of drama and comedy. I didnít like Hime at first, but she grew onto me as the series continued. She gets a lot of anxiety from the fear of her identity being shattered, and her past perfectly explains why. The cafe concept is weird, though when you start to understand, itís a homage and parody to the yuri genre. The side characters donít have enough spotlight so I canít express my opinion on them until the next volume. Other than that, check it out. Everything else from here on will contain spoilers.

    Like Hungry For You: Endo Yasuko Stalks The Night, the first volume of Yuri Is My Job! is for building the platform. It introduces our main characters and their relationship/chemistry with each other. It establishes the environment, the ridiculous concept of the cafe, and the brewing drama.  The final chapter ends with a bang and solves an easy mystery (the Onee-san was actually Yano, Himeís childhood friend who betrayed her, all this time! What a twist!) that brings us to the second volume.

    When I finished the first volume, I didnít know whether I would write about it or not. I kept wondering about it until the second volume ended up at my doorstep. After giving that a read as well, it was when I knew I had to. It ties up the conflict in volume one perfectly and launches another for the next book (to keep the readers invested, of course).

    The most powerful element in this series currently is Yano herself. Sheís hot-headed, but sheís also straightforward unlike Hime, whoís too scared for her own good. Without Yano, honestly? I donít think the plot would even move. I like Hime, but I donít think sheís the one who would talk truthfully about her feelings unless backed into a corner.    

    The art is excellent, and I love the dreadful expression that Hime makes. It really shows the anxiety coming through the pages. When Yano finds out that Hime didnít betray her, that was also a charming expression. It really brought the tsundere out into the playing field.

    Overall, I love this series, and it grows on me as I reread it. It pokes fun at the yuri genre, especially with the whole ďprestigious private high schoolĒ setting. At the same time, it is a superb yuri itself, and Iíll be waiting for the yuri to bloom. Other than that, I would recommend buying this manga along with its second book. Count it as an arc, and volume three is the second arc weíre entering.

††† Thatís about it for me.

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