Ike’s Top 5 Yuri Of April 2019

    Hey guys, it’s Ike. So, April has been rather stale in terms of yuri. How stale? Well, according to my twitter, I read over 500 chapters of regular manga in three days. There just hasn’t been a lot of compelling yuri and all the ones I’m following are on the slow side. But hey, here we are. You see the title. Eventually, I did find five.

I need help, I need more quality manga because I’ve just been reading dirt.

    Other than that, please keep in mind that all of these are my personal opinions. Take everything with a grain of salt. It doesn’t have to be a yuri made within this month, just what I’ve been reading this month. Let’s get started.

5. Sunami Yuuko to Yuri na Hitobito by Watagiri Saya

    From my binging of regular manga, I did encounter two yuri manga and this is one of them. Does that mean yuri manga are slowly becoming a part of regular manga? Or is it just the gay agenda? Who knows? Anyways, Sunami Yuuko to Yuri na Hitobito is about a straight girl surrounded by a bunch of lesbians.

    It’s more of a gag manga, and I usually don’t enjoy these kinds as much, but this is one of the rare ones. My favorite thing in this manga is the relationship status page that shows at the end of each chapter. It really helps me figure out who is who because some of these characters look just like each other, particularly Yuuko and Saki.

I love relationship char!

    The only complaint that I have with this manga is the fact that I can’t ship anybody. It’s weird, but I would be a lot happier if everybody were just terrific friends, like on a platonic level. Maybe we’ll get some spice later on, and I might change my mind.

    The art is clean, and I enjoy their facial expressions. There is a chapter with a hint of darkness, and I doubly enjoyed it. The mangaka can make it bleak if they wish and just that thought gives me a sense of dread. It’s fantastic.


    You should check it out.

4. The Fallen Angel Yohane Has Run Away from Home by Ogi

    First of all, the cover got me immediately. I would love to have this in my collection (even if I can’t read it because it’s not translated). Oh, and the rest of the art continues to hold up the value that’s on the cover.

    I’ve been more of a “Riko x Yoshiko” kind of person, but honestly, the chemistry that’s here in this doujin? I really like it. Not only the chemistry between You and Yoshiko but even You and Chika (even if Chika was only mentioned). It gives more weight to the characters, and it can give you the illusion that it might actually be canon.

Okay, I take that back. I don’t know their real character because I haven’t completed the anime.

    So the whole plot is about Yoshiko getting mad at her mom and deciding to run away. She goes to You’s place because it’s the closest and then yuri things happen. It’s cute. There’s a sweet kiss scene.

    Check it out.

3. The Girls’ Arcadia by Yatosaki Haru

    You thought you were free from a bittersweet manga? I don’t think so! I mean, you don’t have to click on it, but you better! This is currently in its infancy stage, as there is only one chapter, but it shows a lot of promises that it’s going to cut my heart into pieces.

    The Girls’ Arcadia is about a girl named Kotoko who meets another girl named Kida Tsutsuji at a mixer. Later on, Kotoko encounters Kida in the rain with a bruise/cut on her face, and she decides to take her home. That’s when Kida decides to take advantage of her and asks if she could house her for a while, saying that she will do anything.

Hey, stranger. Mind if I bunk with you?

    The wording in this manga is everything. Like Sunami Yuuko, I have a sense of dread in this manga. The Girls’ Arcadia? Chapter One: Erosion? Paradise? “Swept away, I allowed her to encroach on my paradise.”

    I love having expectations! The worst thing that’ll happen is I’ll be absolutely disappointed (which equates to the amount of drama I had expected). /s

    The art style is undoubtedly distinct from the previous two manga, but I still like it. The first thing that caught my eyes was the introduction of Kotoko’s friends. They have so much flare to them already. I thought the way this chapter was presented was a bit weird with them starting in the present just to introduce the past. You’ll see it when you read it.

Such sense!

    Check it out.

2. Arachnid By Murata Shinya and Artist Ifuji Shinsen


    If you enjoy manga like Murcielago or Trash., you might enjoy Arachnid. It does lean a little bit more towards Trash., in that it doesn’t really have too much yuri content in comparison to Murcielago. It’s much more focused on the violence, but there’s still rape to be passed around.

    Arachnid is about a high school girl named Alice who just has the worst life possible. She’s severely bullied at school, her mom committed suicide, and she lives with an uncle who torments her every day. On one lucky afternoon, her uncle is assassinated, and she’s picked up by the assassin Kumo. Impressed by Alice’s survival abilities, Kumo decides to raise her to become the ultimate killer.

“Survival abilities”

    It’s complete with 73 chapters spanning 14 volumes. I really enjoyed this series despite its open-ended conclusion. The cast of characters all fit in nicely into the genre of the manga. The art isn’t as admirable as the previous three, but it gets better as the series continued.

    I’m actually planning on making a Bad (Manga) Ramblings on this manga on a later date, so be on a lookout for it because I love this manga almost as much as I love Trash. It’s very edgy, it has a fascination for bugs, and it’s just overall delightful.

    Check it out.

1. Monster’s Pupil by Nagashiro Rouge


    Nagashiro has graced us yet again, and this time, it’s a lot of sex. Not that I’m complaining or anything. It also has robot tentacles and some cordial dominant play. The storyline is simple. A senpai is trying to figure out how to get her kouhai to open up to her. In the end, she finds the secret is to open up her legs as this will, in turn, open up her heart.

Open legs = Open hearts

    There’s really nothing else for me to say, other than you should totally check out Nagashiro’s other works, especially the latest doujin of Nanoha. There’s also a lot of sex happening there as well.

    Check it out.

    So that’s the end of this month’s list. What’s your favorite read this month? Or simply, what have you been reading? Be sure to comment down below.

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