Ike’s Top 5 Yuri Of March 2019

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    Hey guys, itís Ike. Itís time to cut back on the cuteness and–Iím just kidding, itís tough to separate cute from yuri. Anyways, after February, I thought about making a sad/bittersweet list for this month, but then I realize that I donít want to ruin anybodyís day. Or do I? Stay on your toes.

    Other than that, please keep in mind that all of these are my personal opinions. Take everything with a grain of salt. It doesnít have to be a yuri made within this month, just what Iíve been reading this month. Letís get started.

5. We Canít Go Back To Being Friends by Suzuki Senpai

    Starting off on a lighter note, this is from the same creator who made Honto no Kokoro, and even though Iím a not big fan of their art, I certainly like their humor. For a one-shot, two parts got me laughing really hard. The first is in the beginning when Acchan gave Ucchi a piece of advice before they have sex: She needs to cut her nails. I love it. The other one is the bonus page, which you can read yourself.

    It does feel rushed, but consider that our main characters are Ucchi and Acchan, Iím not surprised. Ucchi is very blunt, and I really enjoy her style. This story has a focus on lust, rather than love, though there was a love that bloomed from that lust. Think of this as more of a comedic piece than anything else.

    Give it a read.

4. Chotto Ippai by Kayou

    Even though this only has a subtext of yuri, itís still a good read and who doesnít love food? If you donít, how dare you not like food. Actually, this is more focused on the environment of the restaurant so I wouldnít be mad if you didnít like this manga.

    Chotto Ippai is about a girl named Momiji Miyahara who got lost on her way back home one day. She ends up at an Izakaya where she is suddenly forced to work by a loli on a busy day. (However, she has a history with helping out in her grandmaís Izakaya, and she loved it so much that she started working at the place that forced her to work. Thatís how the first chapter started. Itís sudden, but it gets you interested.

    The second chapter solidifies my affection for this manga. Here is Momiji walking down the hallway, when suddenly, she gets hit by boobs. Then the subtext starts rolling. I love it. The base of this manga is fundamental, but the mangaka has played their cards right. In the end, this is a great cute and fluffy series.

    Check it out.

3. Between Philia and Eros by Kida Miyuki

    From the creator of Her Kiss – Infectious Lust, this is a rather bittersweet piece with a bit more focus on the bitterness. Or at least thatís what I thought until I got to chapter 5. Iím very enthused for the next chapter. I loved their previous work, but this one is ranking a tad higher.

    Between Philia and Eros is about a girl named Kurumi Hoshigawa who is in love with another girl named Yuu Nikaidou. However, Nikaidou has dabbled with a lot of boys, and that worries Kurumiís best friend, Kyou. On a fateful day, Nikaidou finds out that Kurumi likes her and agrees to go out with her. Will an actual relationship bloom out of this fruitless love?

    While reading this, I was thinking about Netorare. Why? I donít know, actually. I just wanted to let you know. Anyways, back to my line where I said this is a bittersweet piece. It might not be too bitter, but itís certainly there. Itís the story about two girls who have suffered for love, and eventually finds each other in hopes that in their comfort; they can both get past their previous love.

    Check it out.

Bonus! Jewel of You by Usui Shio

    Now, this indeed is a bittersweet piece. Itís about a lesbian in love with a straight girl. How sadder can you get? Thereís dishonesty, jealousy, and even sexual harassment. The straight girl continues being straight, but she refuses to break their friendship. They reconcile and remain friends. The end. To the people who didnít want to read something bittersweet, youíre welcome. To the people who are interestedÖ

    Check it out.

2. Miss Sunflower by Sugano Manami

    Now that weíre out of sadville, letís talk about a cute story about a high school girl and the local librarian. There is a darker undertone to this manga, but I appreciate that it isnít overbearing. Examples would be with Miss Sunflowerís past and Matsuriís confession that sheís an idiot.

    Miss Sunflower is about a high school girl named MatsuriÖ Kazamatsuri. She is in love with the librarian Miss Sunflower. Miss Sunflower starts off cold to Matsuri, but eventually bonds with her and even takes her out on trips. I was going to ask if her parents know about this, but I realize this is a small Japanese town, so everybody trusts everybody.

    I felt a bit iffy at first when other characters were introduced, and it looked like they all were catching feelings for Miss Sunflower. However, with the exception of Matsuriís sister (who is a great tsundere), it seems more like everybody is admiring the librarian than anything. I like Matsuriís group of friends, and I really like chapter 27 with Ritsuka. It is a growing friendship, and I always appreciate a good story about friends.

    There isnít a significant yuri element, other than Matsuri saying she loves Miss Sunflower in almost every chapter. Iím hoping there will be some later on, or even in its ending. I love the art, itís more of an old manga style, but I love anything that makes me reminisce about 90ís shoujo.

    Check it out.

1. Still Sick by Akashi

    Welcome to the manga series in this list that isnít about high school girls (if we scratch out the bonus). Instead, this is about office ladies, except itís more focused on drawing manga.

    Still Sick is about a woman named Makoto Shimizu whose hobby is drawing yuri doujins. On one fateful event, her coworker, Maekawa, discovers her hobby. Now she wonít leave Makoto alone. I would say something about Maekawa acting weird, but characters who act that way has a distinct twist to them. Itís not a big surprise.

    I love the art style, although there is room for improvements. It does get cleaner in the later chapters. Maekawa is a fun character for me because of her attitude. Iím always up for mean girls as long as they have the skills to back it up. Maekawa isnít a full-on mean girl, but sheís getting there. Makoto is pretty okay, but I feel like Maekawa is the one with the spotlight. We are getting more backstory with her currently. If this somehow ends up like Bakuman, I wouldnít complain.

    Check it out.

    So thatís it for this list. Whatís your favorite read this month? Be sure to comment down below. If you guys are interested in any of these manga, you can take a look in the description for the link.

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