Thoughts On Hungry For You: Endo Yasuko Stalks The Night [Yuri Review]

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    Hey, guys. Itís Ike. Letís talk about a yuri manga called Hungry For You: Endo Yasuko Stalks The Night By Flowerchild. I personally have never read any of other works nor have I heard of Flowerchild until now. All I know is that I saw vampires and it had some potential yuri element and I am all in!

††† What is Hungry For You: Endo Yasuko Stalks The Night?

    There have been three missing girls in the past 6 months in gloomy Yomai Town. When Shizue witnesses her classmate Endo Yasuko supposedly killing a student, she assumes that she is behind the case of the missing girls. However, getting to know Yasuko, Shizue has to wonder: Is she a vampire, a serial killer, or just plain weird? The truth is bound to tp come out!

    Spoiler free review: Itís weird, but itís a fun read. Donít think too much about it because all it really wants to do is to entertain you, and thatís all I can ask from a manga. The first volume is for platform-building, and it gets better in the second volume. However, if you didnít enjoy the first volume and donít want to continue, no feelings will be hurt.

    I would recommend reading the manga first before you continue. Anything else from here on out will contain spoilers.

    The first two chapters of Hungry For You goes at a snap. A lot of things happen and if you blink, you could miss it. Shizue sees Yasuko biting a girlís neck and runs away. Later on, Yasuko tracks her down and offers her food so she could talk to her. Shizue is a poor student who lives by herself, so she takes on the offer despite thinking about how Yasuko mightíve killed the three missing girls. Then within the second chapter, theyíre living with each other.

    Afterward, the manga introduces us to another pair: Akira and Ashley. Akira has a vendetta against Yasuko, and later on with Shizue as well (but that doesnít last very long), because she was one of Yasukoís victims. She also has the same thinking as Shizue with assuming that Yasuko is the reason for the missing girls. Eventually, she settles on Yasuko being a vampire and decides to order an F-Class vampire hunter, Ashley, a girl from the countryside of Texas. I was skeptical when these two character arrives. I assumed it was going to be a cat and mouse game that was going to stay longer than it should, but it left early and I was glad about that.

    When the festival arrives, we yet again get introduced to two new characters. First is Mitsuru and the detective who I donít really care about. I like Mitsuru, albeit she is the loyal dog who follows her master everywhere. But you know what? I like those characters, so Iím okay with it. I enjoy her attitude before she realized Yasuko is her master. When she got dragged by Yasuko, instead of beating her up (probably because she noticed Yasuko might be an undead), she decides to shame Yasuko through social media.

    Volume one is mainly for the base building and character introducing. Volume two does bit of building the base as well, but it already has a formula and it does it well.

    One of my favorite chapter in volume two is when Shizueís parents come to visit her and we find out the reason why she decided to run away from them. All Shizue really wanted to do was study, but her parents wouldnít allow her to do that because she needs to learn how to cook and etiquette for her future husband. I really enjoyed the execution of this chapter.

    My other favorite thing is the introduction of our antagonist, Ohara. She is a doll the moment I saw her. I love her character design, and on that point, the art is great, but itís not my style. Then she took out the whip and everything instantly got better. The scene with her and Tsuru? Beautiful. I loved it.

    When she kidnaps Shizue, we see how rough she is compared to Yasuko. She completely sinks her fangs into Shizue. We also find out that (surprise!) Ohara is behind the three missing girls. This leads to the finale where Shizue escapes and calls for Yasuko. They reunite and Yasuko gives her a big smooch. Then Ohara appears and they haveÖ a fight scene? In the end, Ohara escapes and we have a third volume to look forward to.

    Overall, I enjoyed this series. Volume two certainly is better, but I wouldnít recommend you to go on if you donít feel the first volume. I have a lot of people who tell me that an anime or manga gets better very late in the series and I donít see the point in wasting my time to get to the good parts. So I donít want to be that person.

    Thatís about it for me.

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