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    Hey guys, itís Ike. I didnít think I would have to talk about Citrus until the inevitable Citrus Plus. However, after letting it settle and rereading through the series, I thought I might as well provide my full review on Citrus. (also for convenience as all I have to do is refer people to this video if they ask how I really feel about Citrus).

    Disclaimer: There will be minor spoilers.

    A little bit of a backstory, I first discovered Citrus back in 2012/2013. I thought it was pretty raunchy and I also wonder how I even manage to get past the first volume. I can figure out how. It was a monthly release and it was in manga form. I could get through it relatively easy compared to the anime. It was how I could get through the Tokyo Ghoul manga, but not the first episode of the anime. Just a little fun fact for you.

    Long story short, Citrus has its shortcomings, especially with the loop that got me to stop caring for the series. However, after the loop, I felt like I could take a step back and have a breath of fresh air. After the series ended, I took about four hundred and ninety-nine more steps back and gave Citrus a second look. Overall, itís a good manga and I respect the hustle.

    Saburouta does a fantastic job when it comes to characters and she does it well when it comes to recognizing flaws in certain characters. The way the characters ďgrow upĒ within their three years of high school makes those flaws seem like itís a part of their charts. If you werenít following Citrus in its early years and you see it as ďcharacter progression,Ē then the mangaka has played her cards right.

    Switching gears and heading into the loop that is essentially volume one to four, Citrus had a major issue that prevented me from following the rest of its monthly releases until chapter 35.

    A problem occurs and throws a stick into the gears. Drama happens, but it gets solved and our two lovebirds get one step closer. Next volume introduces a new character that causes problem and pushes back the progress Yuzu had with Mei. They fix the problem and get one step closer. Rinse and repeat.

    This was troubling when it was in its monthly releases. If I read Citrus for the first time after the series is done, I feel like I could get through it with minor complaints. Just a personal thought from me.

   I remember finishing up volume four and thought to myself, ďI’m done with Citrus until it gets out of this loop.Ē Eventually, it did, but that led to volume five. I didnít enjoy volume four as much and for a while, that was my least favorite until the anime came out. Thatís one good thing I can put on the anime, it made me appreciate the twins. Anyways, when I thought the loop ended in volume four, I was relieved.

    Then volume five came and it currently stands as my least favorite. I appreciate the development of Harumin, but it felt like volume one all over again with Yuzu getting in trouble for her look. This time around, I donít understand the danger factor. What makes it a high risk situation? Yuzuís gonna get expelled? Okay? Why all of the sudden, now? Just because Haruminís sister said so? I guess grandpa likes strict women. It also introduces another character who I genuinely donít care about. She doesnít do much for the story anyways.

    However, after all that, volume six and onward feels like progression. Everything moves towards a conclusion. Everything before that was just for building the platform. The romance between Yuzu and Mei does grow stronger and it shows in volume six and seven, especially with Mei. Seven, by the way, is my favorite volume. Not only does it introduce a character Iíve grown to love, it also shows Meiís resolve in her love for Yuzu.

    There was a lot of context throughout the manga that Iíve missed, but it also gave me an excuse to read through the series again. Hints are placed throughout the manga that foreshadows and explains the colossal mess that is chapter 36. Iím not gonna go through the details of the two last volumes since Iíve already made videos covering them. You can check them here. I will say that it is a big character development for Yuzu and it confirms her resolve in her love for Mei.

    The climax, needless to say, is pretty cheesy. I said it in my final video and Iíll say it here, it would work a lot better as an anime. I donít agree with the decision done in chapter 36 and I felt that because that was the route taken, the ending was going to be cliche. Despite that, it was still very heartwarming and I enjoyed it either way. The bonus chapter afterward was extremely cute. Itís a big plus.

    Overall, the storyline for Citrus, although I mightíve not agreed with it, Iím glad the ending snaps in perfectly with the rest of the story. So when you read through it again, some things might start to click.

    The art is great and it blends in beautifully when the smut appears. The characters are a big strong point in Citrus. They all had their beginnings and most of them grew up by the end of the story. I say most because I donít believe Nene grew up nor did anything relevant. On the other hand, we have Yuzu who I grew to love a lot. She especially shines in the final volume. Harumi and Matsuri hold a special place in my heart, but after seeing what Yuzu went through, I definitely can make room for her.

    In volume six, we had a scene between Yuzu and her friends. That was a big moment for her because she showed her insecurity about her relationship with Mei to the reader. It was solved relatively quick the moment she told Mei about it, but I thought it was a really sweet scene. Speaking of MeiÖ Actually, I feel like I already said most of my piece with Mei in other videos so you should check them out.

    Thatís going to be it for my Citrus review. If you guys need me, Iím going back to talking smack about it. In all seriousness, itís an enjoyable series and quite the fun ride.

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