Ike’s Top 6 Yuri Of February 2019

††† Hey guys, itís Ike. February is the month of Valentineís day, and I know how much you guys were excited for that day. Shoutouts to all the single people out there. There are three anthologies in this list because I thought that since this is the month of love, I might as well give you as much yuri as I can.

    Other than that, please keep in mind that all of these are my personal opinions. Take everything with a grain of salt. It doesnít have to be a yuri made within this month, just what Iíve been reading this month. Letís get started.

6. Yurigurashi by Kurukuru Hime

††† Yurigurashi is a collection of short stories all about women living with their female companions. Whether itís about living with your girlfriend, or living with your girlfriend, or living withÖ death? Every one of these stories are cute, light, and fluffy.

††† My favorite is chapter four with death. Itís a bit of a change because it wasnít about a girl living with her girlfriend, and the two main characters didnít end up with each other.

††† The art is alright, but it does shine in its color schemes. The enhances the light and fluffy feeling this manga delivers. Itís a nice read that wonít leave you with battle scars.

††† Check it out.

5. Limerence

††† Limerence is yet another anthology, consisting of original Chinese yuri manga. This one I discovered on my discord (which you can check down in the description below). I liked most of the stories in this one, the most disappointing being the one about the girl who was reincarnated as a horse. It wouldíve been great if she was just a normal horse, but no, sheís gotta be a magical horse who gets a humanoid form.

††† My favorite one is the last story and thatís mainly because of the art. Iím a bit confused about the dialogue towards the end between the bean sprout and the bat, but thatís just me. For me personally, I will have to look further into this artist and check out their other works if I can.

††† Other than that, these are fun to read through, although I donít know about the third and second to last stories. Those are just plain weird.

††† Check it out.

4. Lilium Terrarium by ED

††† This is technically an omnibus, not an anthology, but itís still a collection of short stories so there you go. Compared to the previous two, this one is my favorite. The color choices and the clean art style is simply aesthetic. The way the mangaka makes almost everything blue in the first story draws a lot of attention to the blushes. (It brings me back to a certain NSFW yuri I had put on the list back in October 2018.)

††† That being said, the first story is pleasant, although Iím a bit on the fence about this whole ďacting gayĒ thing. I do like the resolve and Iím very excited to see the rest of the manga. By the way, itís a different color on the next story. (At this point, I might as well buy myself a coloring book because of how much I love colors.) It only has three chapters, but that only means itís the perfect time to catch up.

††† Check it out.

3. Only My Little Demon by Deadnoodles


††† Here I thought I was over putting in Love Live doujins into my list, but I have a big love for Yohaneko Training Diary. This isnít about BDSM, which is unfortunate. It is about a succubus and also, Rikoís got a nice looking tail.

††† Thereís really nothing else to say about this. Itís a simple story about a girl whoís getting the SUCC by a succubus. Lots of sex, fun times for everyone.

††† Check it out.

2. Galaxy Flight Midnight by Natomo

††† This is yet another Love Live doujin, but it caught me instantly just from the cover. Itís so 90ís shoujo that it brings me back (and this is embarrassing for me) to the days when I used to watch Fushigi Yugi as a kid. Itís unfortunate that the feel of the cover doesnít fully translate to the story, but either way, I love it.(

††† Anyways, the style of this story is yet another favorite of mine. Itís just people doing mundane activities, but for Nico and Eli, itís a special memory to keep because they have a special relationship with each other. Itís well into their adult life and here is Nico thinking that sheíll never see Eli again. Then one fateful night, she finds Eli sleeping on the bench in a park. From the dialogue to the mundane activities, I thought this manga was very human. They feel like actual humans instead of characters.

††† Itís great. Check it out.

1. Kiss And White Lily by Canno

††† Honestly, I took a huge dose of Kiss And White Lily and thatís the main reason why itís on this list. Itís also been updated and weíre at this point where everything is fine and dandy. Itís so romantic, happy and straight up adorable. If you havenít started on Kiss And White Lily, then you have a long, but enjoyable read, my friend.

††† The story is about a model student named Shiramine who one day got her throne toppled by the genius Kurosawa. While on her way to defeat Kurosawa, there are several connected stories that happens within the all-girl Seiran Academy. So I guess it can kind of be counted as an omnibus.

††† Anyways, itís all in good fun. Check it out.

††† So thatís it for this list. Whatís your favorite read this month? Be sure to comment down below. If you guys are interested in any of these manga, you can take a look in the description for the link.

††† Thank you guys for reading this. If you enjoy my content and you want to support me, I do have my Patreon where for just a dollar a month, you can buy out my friendship. Or if you want to support me indirectly, you can always check out my shop on Amazon.

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