Thoughts On Beauty And The Beast Girl [Yuri Review]

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    Hey, guys. Itís Ike. Letís talk about a yuri manga called Beauty And The Beast Girl by Neji. This is from the same mangaka who made Vacation Maou to Pet. I remember seeing this on Amazon and deciding to buy it after I saw ďblind girl.Ē I had no context to anything else about this manga nor did I even remember the mangaka. You can say it was a blind read.

    What is Beauty And The Beast Girl?

    Itís about a beast girl who lives alone in the forest, but she longs for any sort of interaction. This is when she meets up with Lily, a blind girl who recently moved into the village not far from the forest. Figuring that because she canít see, the beast girl decides to lie to Lily about being a traveler in hopes of becoming her friend. As their relationship develops, their love will be proof that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

    I didnít write the last sentence.

    I would recommend giving the manga a chance and read at least two to three chapters of it before deciding whether you want to buy it or not. Anything else from here on out will contain spoilers.

    The first chapter of this manga is simple, but enjoyable. It introduces us to the beast girl and why sheís living secluded in the forest. Lily is then brought into the story. With Lily being the first human who isnít afraid of the beast girl, she starts falling in love. Meanwhile, Lily explains to the beast girl, whom she named Heath, that the reason for her blindness is because her mother inhaled a lot of smoke due to a monster burning down the village. This causes a dilemma as Heath doesnít know whether to tell her the truth or keep on lying to her.

    In chapter two, Heath assumes that Lily said something about leaving the village and so Heath decides to confess everything including her declaration of love. While this is happening, I thought to myself, ďLily better not say she knew it all along.Ē And she does. She knew about it all along. She also say that even though Heath did burn down her parentís village, she shouldnít be feeling guilty for Lilyís blindness. Or something along that line. She returns Heathís feelings and they both start dating.

    While theyíre on their cheesy romance, I remember Lily talking about her family and how theyíre rich. Another thought pops into my head, ďThe family better not be coming for her because they donít agree with her dating decision.Ē And then Lily gets taken by the family ninja and is forced back to her home.

    One thing I havenít mentioned is how almost everybody in this manga is civilized. If they encounter a problem, they discuss about it. Lily simply asks the maid for a way out and she immediately tells Lily where the secret exit is. Once she escaped, she called for Heath and since Heath has super hearing (being a monster and all), she arrives at Lilyís destination.

    Reunited, Heath is about to take Lily home when Lily says that her family wonít stop for anything in order to take her back and that they need to see her father. Itís almost as if they skipped several levels and went straight for the boss. Once theyíre with Lilyís father, he has a talk with Heath and the problem is solved. Like I said, almost everybody in this manga is civilized and can be talked down.

    For the most part, thatís about it. They get to live with each other and be cheesy together. I tend to complain about why donít people simply sit down and communicate. This is exactly what happened, yet I understand why others would dramatize it. Itís anti-climatic. I assumed there was going to be a big fight scene. It didnít happen, and Iím fine with that. Just a tad disappointed.

    Overall, itís a decent read. The art is the big reason why I continued. I also have a low expectation, so I enjoyed it either way.

    Thatís about it for me.

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