Ikeís Top 5 Yuri Of December 2018

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    Hey, guys. Itís Ike. December sure was a fun month, wasnít it? I mean, I donít remember what happened because I was too busy moving, but it sure was stressful. I honestly thought about just bumping this to be the top 5 Yuri of January for relevant purposes. I couldíve bamboozled some people, but letís not do that.

    December was a month of remembrance. A manga led me to remember another manga, and suddenly I had a list. By the way, I actually had to reread everything again so I could get an idea of why I put it on the list.

    Take everything with a grain of salt. It doesnít have to be a yuri made within this month, just what Iíve been reading this month. If you have been enjoying these lists, remember to leave a comment down below and share it with others. It helps me out tremendously.

    Letís get started.

5. Vacation Maou to Pet by Neji

    This manga is about a demon king who has destroyed the world, and after all that hard work, she decides to go on vacation. Those first two pages is quite the read. However, once you get past that point, it is a charming little story. There are questions to be asked. Why is the demon king going on a vacation? Why did she pick Nio to be her pet? What does she mean by sheís been looking for her for a very long time? What is the backstory of everything?!

    If there is a nitpick to be found, it would be the weird romance development. Things feel forced, even with Nio falling in love somehow. I understand that the demon king is indeed very handsome, however, I still donít get why she would fall for her just because sheís being nice. Basically, I want more backstory. Why is Nio acting this way? Whatís with the family? Why is the demon king so fond of Nio?

Big boobs = Crazy stylish

    The latest chapter does give us a tiny spec into the demon kingís way, and thatís about it. Other than the piling questions I have for this series, I still enjoy it because of the characters. Thereís only six chapters, anyways, so thereís still room for backstory. I also want to make sure that these questions I have are positive. Itís good to have questions and hopefully have it answered later on.

    Vacation Maou to Pet does great in its art style. The way each characters function like the demon kingís childish antics towards the new world and how it meshes with Midori who is an actual child. I like Nioís interaction with her friend and also the anticipation of her friend coming over to her house with the demon king there.

Honestly love this part.

    Check it out!

4. Demons Harem by Sumiya Zeniko

    While reading Vacation Maou to Pet, it reminded me of another demon-related yuri I read back in July. Demons Harem is a oneshot debut on YuriHime and it does a great job. The title explains exactly what this oneshot is about. Itís a complete story with an open end for perhaps a serialization.

    I enjoyed this manga because of the characters and how they interact with each other. The slapstick humor is amusing between the two demons. Kanna is a nice girl and that attracts demons. Itís actually a funny trait to have consider almost every other harem protagonist ends up making girls fall for him because of his niceness. He might be an idiot and have the thickest skull around, but goddamn is he nice. Diverting away from that ramble, Kanna has her own demon harem because they consider her to be so pure that they find itís a waste to corrupt her. At least the first two demons who fell in love with her, the third one actually wants to contaminate her.

Smooth criminal.

    Itís a good manga. The art is adorable. That being said, I feel itíd go stale quick if it was serialized and kept that harem formula. Just a personal preference, though. The thing that made it interesting was the overall plot about how demons had to get permission in order to screw some people over. When I think about it, itís nothing special, but Iím not really picky with my yuri. As long as the artís great and thereís development, I donít care whoís with who.

    Itís still a fun read. Check it out.

3. Yamada to Kase-san by Takashima Hiromi

    DISCLAIMER: If you havenít read the prequel, Kase-san, then donít read this because it starts after the ending of Kase-san.

    Kase-san got a lot of attention last year because of the OVA. I saw it at the AX premiere and it was amazing. You can check out my video about it here. I absolutely loved the ending and will be making a video on the series as a whole once I get the last volume. Then thereís Yamada to Kase-san, the sequel where they go to college.

    It hasnít been getting a lot of updates, but when it does, it reminds me of why I loved Kase-san. The sequel brings that charm over, although a little bit too much because currently thereís three chapters plus one special that follows Yamada and Kase-san when they were still in high school. I appreciate the extra content, but I would also love it if we get progress. Thatís when chapter 7 came out and I just ate up all that anxiety from Yamada. Some good stuff.

    Buy Kase-san (Affiliate Link)

    Check out Kase-san if you havenít read it yet.

2. Oddman 11 by Dowman Sayman


    I didnít really know what I got myself into when I saw this. The first two page pretty much sums up the humor of this manga. A guy getting pissed on, and then getting punched for it. Anyways, Oddman 11 is about 11 kids with special quirks and characteristics. They are called Oddman because of that. Setsu wants to date the only male Oddman for some unknown reason. However, in order to date him, she has to fight all of his exes. So basically itís the plotline to Scott Pilgrim except she ends up getting the exes to fall for her.

    I adore this series. It has such an odd, yet crude humor that itís right up my alley. I particularly love Shiraishi, or the slut. I very much enjoy the fact that she accepts her sluttiness, but sheís also smart. Fujou is also making a lot of crude jokes and I appreciate her as well. The art is clean and has a distinct style. The humor stays consistent throughout the chapters and I find them to be very enjoyable.

    Honestly, this is one of the funnest manga Iíve read in awhile. Check it out

1. Yurikaís Campus Life by Harada Shigemitsu and Seguchi Takahiro


    After reading Oddman 11, I started thinking about Yurikaís Campus Life and the small similarity between them. Both of them have a female protagonist who is straight, but they just keep attracting women instead.

    The story is about a girl named Yurika who seems to attract women, even when they claim that theyíre straight. On the other hand, men donít find her pretty at all and would prefer to stay away. One day, she gets a call from her dad who says his company is now bankrupt. He can no longer provide her with college funds, so the only way to get money is for Yurika to become a gigolo. She gets accustomed to the gigolo life in a short amount of time.

There’s no other option!

    Basically, itís a bunch of sex jokes, and I love it! Thereís an anime all about sex jokes, itís called Seitokai Yakuindomo. Itís one of my favorite comedy. Anyways, donít squirt mayonnaise into a girlís vagina. Itís a violation of the health code. Also, please do not squirt shampoo into a girlís vagina. The burn will make them regret it.

It was a massacre.

    The introduction of Saori really gets the ball rolling for this manga. Having a platform to stand on is vital to any story, so having Saori be the jealous girlfriend while her ďgirlfriendĒ Yurika goes out to have ďsexĒ with other women is fantastic. The plot kinda goes off road when she starts working at the hostess club, which then leads on to the Shion Club. I mean, I guess she still really needs money.

    Either way, give it a look if you havenít.

    So thatís it for this list. I canít really say whatís your favorite of December consider I canít even remember it myself without this list, so what have you been reading this month?

    Congratulation on making it this far! You should reward yourself with some yuri, which you can also check in the description. If you enjoy my content and you want to support me, I do have a patreon or you can just visit me when Iím livestreaming. Shoutouts to BridesBiscuits for being the first Patron. What a baller.

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