Ike’s Top 6 Yuri of November 2018

    Hey guys, itís Ike. November has been an interesting month. By interesting, I mean I havenít read any Love Live! doujins, so thereís that. Remember that these are catered to my taste and I have a weird taste for some.

    My motto is to just have fun, no matter how stupid it is. The story might have holes in them, but it doesnít matter as long as it’s entertaining. Note that Iím just talking about the entertainment value.

    Take everything with a grain of salt. It doesnít have to be a yuri made within this month, just what Iíve been reading this month.

    Letís get started.

6. Citrus Volume 10 Special by Saburouta


Not today…

    Let me get this out of the way first as the obvious choice. This is a great special to accommodate the ending of Citrus. It continues to build towards Citrus Plus, which I dread every day. On a serious note, I do love this chapter. Although when I do express my feelings, I seem to get flack for it because I tend to talk crap on this series for fun.

    If you havenít read the series yet, then I wouldnít recommend you reading this because it is a major spoiler. If youíre like me and you read the ending first before you start, then go ahead.

    Click here to read it.

5. Restart From Zero by Hattori Masahiko

    This manga is incredibly stupid, but I love the stupidity. The story is rushed and it makes no sense whatsoever. The art is mediocre at best. So why is it a part of this list? If you leave your brain aside for once, it is an entertaining read. Itís a rollercoaster ride. Itís over-dramatic and the cheese just oozes out of this story. I could make fondue with this.

Who do I have to sacrifice to in order to write dialogues like this?

    The story is about a girl with a hundred personality who gets adopted by Sensei. She tries her best to treat all the personality the same, but unfortunately, one of them has an agenda. Sprinkle some more cheese on it and you get Restart From Zero.

Is this a hospital or a combat zone?

    Itís only three chapters and I would appreciate it if you give it a chance.

4. Goshujin-sama Daisuki by Mira


    Honestly, the only reason why this made it on this list is because of the succubusí name. The story is by Mira and the succubusí name is Miria. I love it. Other than that, Mira says this is lewder than most of the works in their circle/group. She isnít lying about that.

I still can’t not laugh at this.

    The story is simple. A girl named Ruvi is granted an antique mirror that summons a succubus who only does it with women. She doesnít use Miria as much since it causes her to need energy and that means having sex with her. This drains Ruvi and she canít work the next day. And then a lot of sex ensues.

    Miraís work is always a great read. Check it out.

3. Fusoroi no Renri by Mikanuji

    Iíve been liking this series so far, although the chapters are short consider it is the mangakaís hobby story. The pacing is a bit off due to the shortness of the chapters. I still like the art and the yellow-ish pages make it more aesthetically pleasing. The relationship between the two characters start off more as sex friends than anything. Drama comes up later into the story and that adds some romance into the story.

    Fusoroi no Renri is about an office lady named Iori who often get into affairs with married men. One night, she goes to her favorite place to get drunk and complain. The next day, she finds herself in bed with another woman, Minami. She finds out later that Minami lives with abusive parents and so she decides to let Minami stay with her.

    Itís a fun read. Donít think too much about it.

2. Miss Angel and Miss Devil by Maeu Malgeum

    This one was recommended to me by Rayzor and it has been a pretty fun read. Thereís already a couple in the beginning of the story, but I certainly liked the second group. It took them about a hundred chapters to finally get together. It was fantastic when it happened, though. I thoroughly enjoyed this webtoon.

This is from that one sexy chapter.

    According to the summary of multiple sites, itís the story of angels who donít behave like angels and devils who are kinder than them. What a summary it is. There isnít an overarching story. There are multiple storylines that come and go.

Gotta love these two.

    Give it a try.

1. Virginís Empire (Chapter 44) by Kishi Torajirou


    After last month with Yohaneko Training Diary, I reread Virginís Empire and goodnessÖ I love Yuu and Mari. Their S&M relationship fills my tiny heart with glee. I love their chemistry and I love that theyíre in the opposite role compared to how their actual personality is. Torajirou has outdone themselves.

    The premise of Virginís Empire is a peek into the ďeveryday nudityĒ of high school girls. It follows the lives of seven girls attending an all girls school. As the years pass, their relationship grow with one another. Some more intimate than others.

    You donít have to read all 43 chapters before getting to my recommended chapter. It can be read as a standalone chapter. Thatís the great thing about this series, every story can stand by itself. Once youíre done with chapter 44, check out chapter 71 because that is wild.

    Check. It. Out.

    What do you think of this list? What is your top yuri of November?

    Hey! Congratulation on making it to the end. You should reward yourself by purchasing some yuri manga (Affiliate Link) or helping your favorite yuri artist. If you enjoy my content and you want to support me, I do have my Patreon.

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