Thoughts on She, Her Camera and Her Seasons [Yuri Review]

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    Hey guys, itís Ike. I was sick last week and I couldnít help but to tweet about how sick I was. I also couldnít stop trying to write my short story thatíll never come into fruition. On one fateful night, I was binging through a lot of manga Iíd never read before and I came across a yuri manga called She, Her Camera and Her Seasons.


    Short summary: Itís about a girl named Akari who becomes friend with the quiet girl in class, Yuki. Sheís introduced to photography and starts garnering feelings for Yuki. However, this feeling becomes troublesome as a boy in her class, Rintaro, begins openly flirting with her.

    When I first read that summary, I thought to myself, ďDo I really want to read another story about a love triangle?Ē Then I realize, ďHaha. What am I thinking? Iíll do it anyways and regret it later. I never learn.Ē

    I recommend reading the manga first as it only has ten chapters up right now. Itís not a bad manga. Iíve been enjoying it so far.

    First things first, Rintaro is the saving grace in this manga. Maybe itís weird for some people because I know there are ďpuristĒ in the yuri community who donít want to have any association with males. He is also the cause of trouble for the two girls because he creates a love triangle. However, thatís not his fault and without him, the story wouldnít be same as Yuki might not be the same.

    Hereís how the love triangle goes: Akari likes Yuki; Yuki likes Rintaro (maybe?); Rintaro likes Akari.

    Akari is a great character and she encapsulate a growing girl in this big world. Sheís poor and tired of acting like she cares around her group of friends. She craves for something different and thatís why she decides to follow Yuki on one fateful lunch. When she starts having feelings for Yuki, she doesnít fully understand it. Although it seems like she understands the norm because her group of friends (whom she abandoned for Yuki) begins teasing her about being gay. It doesnít help the fact that Yuki is Yuki as she shows them the picture of them kissing.

    Speaking of the kiss sceneÖ To Yuki, that mightíve been a picture moment, but thatís an intimate moment for Akari. It further confuses Akari on whether Yuki might share the same feelings or not. Then for the big hitter which is chapter eight; Akari builds up her courage to confess to Yuki. She holds her hand, hoping that Yuki would return it, but unfortunately she leaves her empty handed in order to take more pictures of Rintaro. What a heartbreaker.

    In chapter nine, Akari is downhearted and is greeted by Rintaro. This stirs up a dark thought in her head, which I feel makes her very human but Iím very glad it didnít go as plan. Yuki is always taking pictures of Rintaro, however, there is a specific side of him that she can never take that picture. Since Yuki rejected her, Akari might as well take Rintaroís first. So she asks him to go out with her.

    I was anxious for the next chapter.

    Chapter ten came and Rintaro shows why he is best boy. He rejects her offer because sheís acting differently. They have a chat and he gives her another note where he confesses his feelings. Akari reverts back to her old self and decides not to date him.

    By the way, the notes are pretty cute. Akari told him that she doesnít have a phone so she doesnít text. He figures a way around that by giving her notes that are essentially ďtexts.Ē Itís super cute.

    I forgot to mention that in the beginning of chapter nine, it seems like we were following Yukiís thoughts for a bit because it was her thinking about why Akari held her hand. Since we havenít gotten a lot of backstory with Yuki, we canít assume her feelings. This is primarily focused on Akari, so we know as much as she does.

    After all that, we enter the somber period where Akari doesnít want to see Yuki. She causes a misunderstanding that might have repercussion later on when she asks Rintaro if he wants to walk home with her. In the end, she just used him and walked on home by herself. Maybe it might get Yuki to finally decide on Rintaro or Akari. Who knows? Again, we donít know much about Yuki.

    About Rintaro and Akariís relationship, I do like their attitudes towards each other. Rintaro is a real nice guy where he still cares of Akari even though she doesnít like him. Akari doesnít use him (other than chapter ten), and sheís a little catty when heís ďflirtingĒ with her, but she doesnít reject his friendship. I just hope Rintaro gets himself a nice girl.

    Thatís about it for me. Iím looking forward to the next chapter.

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