Haifuri (High School Fleet) [Anime Short Review]

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     Haifuri (High School Fleet) is an original anime by Production IMS and also the name that makes me feel like I’m about heil the third reich every time I say it. It’s written by Reiko Yoshida who has also done work for A Silent Voice (film) and a whole lot of other anime. Oh. She also did Hanayamata. This lady is now my favorite.

     The manga adaptation is created Kanari Abe who was a part of the [email protected] Comic Anthology. A bit confused about the fact that it’s an original by IMS and that the manga is an adaptation of the anime, but then it says the manga was published in 2015 but the anime’s in 2016. I don’t know anymore. Or at least at the time when I wrote this script


     It’s the battleship version of Girls und Panzer. It also fits under the category of “what can’t a high school girl do?” I swear I read the summary wrong at first. I thought it was about girls cooking on a boat. I don’t know how that happened and how wrong I was.

     Haifuri takes place in a world where Japan has lost most of its lands and marine cities have sprung up. With an increasing popularity of maritime jobs (mostly with women), we come to Yokosuka Girls’ Marine High School. Our main character is Akeno Misaki, the captain of the Harekaze. Take a guess what ranking that ship is. Correct! It’s a low ranking ship. Do ships have ranks?

     For the first test of their high school life, they are to take their ships to their destination. However, things go sour when the Harekaze is attacked by a teacher ship.

     Okay, who thought it was a bright idea to let 15 year old girls manage an entire battleship?

     I like how Girls und Panzer is basically World of Tanks, so someone thought, “We should make one based on World of Warships!”


     What can I say, really? I love Girls und Panzer so obviously I’m going to love this one. I am an absolute sucker for military anime just like how military anime is a sucker for Germans. One thing I do have to say is that all of these girls are more capable than the girls in GuP (just gonna shorten that, now it sounds stupid). Though that might be because they’ve been trained (or studied) for the most part and it is a life or death situation rather than a sport.

     Getting through the beginning of Haifuri was much easier for me. It took me three tries before I managed to get past the pink and yellow tanks. However, one thing that I find a bit lackluster is the battle scenes, which is great because it takes up most of the anime. This is my personal opinion. GuP and Haifuri have the same amount of characters, but in this anime, they’re all compact into one ship unlike GuP where they’re spread out onto different tanks. In terms of strategy, it’s not as “intense” as expected. To someone like me, it’s just two ships going in circles and firing at each other (lol what difference is that to tanks, right? Look at this scrub).

     The finale of Haifuri wasn’t that intense and the ending was real cheesy. Hope it gets a second season! I said the same thing to GuP as well… still waiting. This anime has left some mystery for a sequel-bait. I approve of that.

     Also, these two lolis (the damage dealers) are fantastic.

     It is only thirteen episodes and it had a lot of characters (it is a battleship after all). For the most part, I thought they did pretty well fleshing out the officers of each sections (and Machiko 8]). Are they called officers for each section? I’m getting everything mixed up.


     The answer is yes, but I know there are people who don’t like these kind of anime. High school girls in a battleship? How ridiculous! There are serious scenes and then there are scenes where they act like high school anime girls. Just on a battleship. If you get past that barrier, the anime is fun. That’s the key thing, right?

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