Thoughts On Please Don’t Bully Me, Nagatoro & Yancha Gal no Anjou-san [Is It Bullying?]

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     Hey guys, it’s Ike. I know my Bad Ramblings have taken a sharp turn towards yuri, but I used to do some het manga from time to time. I don’t know what happened. Anyways, I’m here to correct that because I finally caved in and read Please Don’t Bully Me, Nagatoro.

     A bit of a backstory. I saw a picture with these four characters. I knew two of them, but Anjou-san immediately caught my eyes and I went searching for the source. After I finished up Anjou-san, I will still in the mood for these type of story so I decided to give Nagatoro a chance. I didn’t realize I was going on the wrong ride.

     My main focus is on Nagatoro, so here’s my thoughts on Yancha Gal no Anjou-san.

     It’s cute. I love Anjou-san. I’m at that point where I want to gush all over her and annoy the ever living crap out of everybody around me. The thing that this manga does well is the first person shots. It really shows off Anjou-san, but also makes the reader feel like they’re “there.”

     Chapter six and seven does a great job of fleshing out the main characters bit by bit. Six gives us Anjou’s aspirations and what she wants to do after school. It’s always nice to know their future plan so it doesn’t feel like they’re going to be stuck in high school after the manga inevitably ends. Seven brings the spotlight onto Seto, who felt more like a blank slate to me. It also introduced a conflict, which got solved within the next chapter.

     Overall, I highly recommend the manga.

     Moving on over to Please Don’t Bully Me, Nagatoro. I expected it to be the same as Anjou-san or the anime Skilled Teaser Takagi-san. What I didn’t expect was it being borderline bullying. Although if we’re talking about the first two chapter, that was straight up bullying.

     In the first chapter, Senpai goes to the library to study but finds out that there are a group of girls there. As he studies, his backpack falls down and all of his manga drawing is revealed. The girls then makes fun of him, to which he responds by thinking to himself, “Stay calm. Relax.” In the end, all the girls left except for one.

     This girl continues to bash him on his story and his self-insert. In my honest opinion, if he had put it up to the public, then he should know that he might get that kind of treatment. The problem is that it’s not made for the public eye. He isn’t (to my knowledge) sharing it to strangers. To have somebody find your story and blatantly making fun of it is not a pleasant experience for anybody.

     After she “proves” to him that his character is indeed his self-insert, but his action doesn’t match the person he’s based on (Senpai), she says he is disgusting. Again, my opinion, I’m all for an S&M relationship as long as it’s been established. It hasn’t been established in this chapter. They’re strangers. He ends up crying and she pours salt on the wound by wiping his own tears off of his face.

     In chapter two, Senpai has trouble sleeping because of the girl he met. At school, she invades his safe space (the art room) and makes him cry again. And she wipes his tears… again. I can kinda see the fetish the mangaka is dishing out here. I’m all for that. However, I’d prefer if the relationship was established beforehand.

He’s trying to block her and she’s prying in.

     Moving onward to chapter three… it feels like… something clicked in the mangaka’s head. That or there might’ve been a lot of comments from the readers concerning Nagatoro’s “teasing.” She’s toned down just a bit. She does show remorse after pushing him to the ground. Unfortunately, this doesn’t help with the fact that Senpai is having his monologue about how he’s often the victim of bullying. If he mentions that, then something in his brain recognizes that Nagatoro is bullying him. This is where he finally asks for her name, though when he was about to reverse it, she says, “I don’t care about your name.”

     Chapter four is when the dial of Senpai’s “love for Nagatoro” is set on high. I guess we gotta continue to get Senpai to like Nagatoro. It starts off fine and there is a reverse scene where Senpai falls on Nagatoro, but it’s Nagatoro who ends up groping his dick. After that scene… Senpai goes home to masturbate. I don’t… what is this chapter? Haha.

     After this, it dies down and I’m fine with the “teasing.” I can get behind the romance (if I toss everything else out of the window), and I see why people enjoy it. It’s cute, I can’t deny that. It’s just all the other elements behind it that bothers me.

     Unfortunately, in chapter eleven, we are introduced to Nagatoro’s friends. This is when it becomes borderline bullying. I say this because Nagatoro is still kinda teasing him, but her friends are straight up bullies. They throw insults at him and Nagatoro, being a part of the group, goes along with them. However, she does get mad when the insult goes too far or if they try to touch him. This starts up a horrible cycle where her friends hound on Senpai because they know it’ll trigger Nagatoro.

The poor boy.

     Nagatoro needs better friends, and especially with the latest chapter, I hope she lets them go. Although knowing these kind of stories, I feel like she’s going to continue to hang out with them or they’re going to have a change of heart. Or she does drop them as friends and they continue to lash out at Senpai. That would take a darker turn and bring us back to what chapter three said about Senpai being the victim of bullying.

     The friends also get toned down a bit after chapter eleven, so I’m banking on the second sentence of the paragraph above.

     In chapter twenty-four, Senpai heads over to the festival by himself in hopes that he’ll encounter Nagatoro. This doesn’t bode well for him as he meets her friends instead. The next scene is shown in a “lighter” tone, but the friends got a collar and leash and put it on him. We move over to Nagatoro who gets a text with a picture of Senpai (in collar and leash) and her friends. Wow. Continuing to repeat myself, I would be fine with this if it was an established relationship. It is not.

     Before I forget, the beach chapter was pretty nice. Senpai acknowledges that they’re not boyfriend and girlfriend and that made Nagatoro mad. Then we got a nice scene of her stepping on him, which then got ruined by the friends. Oh well. Missed opportunity.

     I also would like to point out a couple from Virgin’s Empire who is in an S&M relationship. I love them very much and I want more of them.

     Overall, Please Don’t Bully Me, Nagatoro is a mixed bag for me. I like it for its romance and when it’s just a regular teasing manga, but the overline of actual bullying makes me uneasy. Until Nagatoro is updated with a new chapter, I’m returning to Anjou-san.

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