Amanchu! [Anime Short Review]

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     I saw this on the list of last season’s anime (of 2016) and since I was on a roll, I thought I might as well give it a try. It did give me a feel to Umisho, especially how the MC Hikari acted. For some reason, I thought this was by the same person who made Yotsuba&! despite not having read the manga. Anyways, it’s from the creator (Kozue Amano) of Aria/Aqua… an anime I’ve yet to find an interest in.


     Scuba diving. Riveting, I know. But really… it is interesting. That’s what shows do right? They bring in a topic that people don’t know or are inexperienced with and they teach us about it (all the while subconsciously making us want to do it).  

     Amanchu does a great job of explaining the procedure of getting a license and the routines everybody go through to ensure a safe trip. Then for the people who are in touch with the material, it acts as a platform for them to talk with other (in this scenario) scuba divers or help people get into it.

     Beside scuba diving, the story follows two girls of the opposite spectrum. Here is Hikari who is an energetic girl who seems fearless to the world. Then there is Futaba (aka the girl who triggers me every episode) who is an introvert and lacks self-confidence. Futaba meets Hikari who brings her to the scuba diving despite her not knowing how to swim. This whole anime follows Futaba’s journey to get a license in diving and bettering herself.

     This anime is based on a real town (Ito) and they’ve seem to stay true to how the town looks. It seems that Ito loves the anime as well, or at least they love the tourists lol.


     This is a heartwarming anime, but why does my heart feel so heavy? As I said as a (side note), Futaba triggers me. She reminds me of Suou Shirahane from the visual novel Flowers. These two are almost identical (with different interest). I understand their character. People like me can relate to them and with their stories being told, it gives us hope (of the sort) for a better future. Though I prefer to self-destruct, thank you very much. I don’t watch anime to see someone have a hard time with the simplest decisions. I can easily experience it by walking outside.

     Moving all the anxiety to the side, it’s a slice of life anime. What’d you expect? Silly situations happen. I do like that everybody is encouraging Futaba (I’m looking at you every other fighting anime ever) to do her best. If she’s got a problem, she always has someone to help her out. It’s a story about change. And shoujo ai too, I think. I don’t know any girls who would stare into each other’s eyes while holding hands like that if they weren’t at least interested romantically.

     They’re underwater, perhaps sideways judging by the lighting, and without any diving gears.

     Futaba moved to a new town, away from her friends and home. In the first episode, she lingers on the beach (to be specific, a rock on the beach) constantly staring at pictures of her friends from middle school without paying attention to her surrounding. Then by the end, they talk about that scene again and how much she’s changed. A bit blunt, but it works.

     When it comes to the comedy aspect, they hit the mark right on with each of their individual faces.

     I found myself laughing to this multiple times, although I am the kind of person who’s easily entertained. All the characters are great and bring a very positive vibe in contrast to a girl who’s too anxious about the world. Did I mention how beautiful this anime looks? Although the moment I notice that line in the middle of their faces (I know it’s supposed to be their “nose line”), it disturbs me every time they come on screen. Futaba’s especially. You know how much screen time she has?! Well, she’s the goddamn narrator of this anime.


     If you’re into slice of life and scuba diving, definitely. Like I said, it’s a heartfelt anime with an anxious teen. For me personally, I don’t know if I might give this a second go. I’m not really into getting triggered.

     It was cool to learn the basics of scuba diving, though I haven’t swam in years. It’s also good to know that me blowing my eardrums was actually something these people would do. I always thought I was damaging my ears. Unless I’ve been doing it all wrong!

     Take everything with a grain of salt.

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Christian LeBlanc

I might have to check this out, even if just to see what you mean by blowing your eardrums (if it’s what I’m thinking of, I always thought it was like a super power I had, a way to relieve ear pressure…but I’ll let the love-struck-looking girls explain it 🙂