Triage X [Anime Short Review]

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     Triage X is an anime from the same creator who brought us the wonderful Highschool of the Dead series (the anime you might’ve not seen, but might’ve seen the gifs). As ridiculous as that anime was, I absolutely loved it. The amount of fanservice it had was a bit bland for me though. I tend to feel bad for girls with big tits. I can’t imagine the back pain they go through.

     I tend to go into an anime blind so I didn’t realize this was from Shoji Sato until halfway through.


     It’s about three women who are nurses/doctors by day and assassins by nights. Well that’s just half of the group. The other three consist of high school (and one middle school) students because we need the audience to… relate to them? I guess? These six are a part of the Black Label organization formed by Masamune Mochizuki. Their job is to get rid of the “cancer” of the world and stop their infection. I can’t tell whether Shoji Sato is saying this seriously or he’s basing this on the internet.

     That’s the gist of the overall plot and then there are other organizations who get in their way but that won’t stop them from their goal because reasons.


     I enjoyed this anime. I like Arashi especially since he’s just a socially awkward guy. He’s also got his dead friend who speaks to him and acts as his second conscience at this point.

     They give most of the cast their own special episodes for character development. However, I can’t figure out how Mikoto managed to fall for Arashi. It’s really weird. Must’ve been the first episode.

     There are a lot of nudity in this anime, though I don’t really mind it (goddamn it, why did I have to download the uncensored version, now I have to censor it myself). It’s his style and as long as the female characters don’t overreact, I am cool with it. If they don’t care, why should I?

     This is a mind-blowing fun anime. By mind-blowing, I mean they blow people’s brains out. A lot of nudity and violence. Basically American TV shows. Wait, what?

     It’s not a thinking anime. Just watch, have fun with it, and be done with it. Though I am a bit disappointed that there wasn’t a real ridiculous scene like the tit matrix scene.

     A note I’d like to address is Mikoto’s episodes. It’s a bit of a spoiler but it’s nothing important. Anyways, I’m glad that the girl didn’t survive. I know this is an anime about killing, but sometimes characters that relate to the MC tend to survive due to fans not wanting them to go (I’m looking at you Fairy Tail). I did like her character (totally not because of the sudden yuri) and it was sad to see her die (and not bc the yuri when with her). Though I wouldn’t want her to show up later on and I hope she doesn’t show up later in the manga. Her death was pretty funny lol.

     Then the ending is open ended, spoilers, it’s literally just Arashi walking home as the ending. They threw a lot of plot our way, both story-wise and titties and especially that one part where the crazy sex-craved or flesh-craving girls are released. They just mention that in the next episode and that’s it. Must be a way to make me read the manga.

     Even though Shoji Sato bring some absurd situations into his stories, he can switch to serious mode. I’ve seen that in the manga of HSoTD. He just likes to have fun and he likes tits and ass. Nothing wrong in a world where sex sells. Now I’m going to hide before someone tell me off about what I just wrote.

     Side Note: I don’t bring much attention to music and art/animation unless it bothers me or it actually catches my attention. I wanted to bring up the music in this case. I really love the song Dear My Friends. It’s so catchy and I love it whenever it pops up. Also, the OST is 1 hr 11 mins… for a ten episode anime. It’s all well made too. I’m gonna have to keep an ear out for them next time I watch it.


     If you’re not offended by tits or violence, go ahead. It’s fun. That’s all you really need. Unless you’re looking for something with deeper meanings (like layers of deepness in their tits), then this isn’t something for you.

     Find yourself in a good mood and watch this anime. It won’t do you any harm.

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