Thoughts On Devil Drop [Yuri Review]

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†††† Hey guys, itís Ike. Letís talk about a Korean, yuri webtoon called Devil Drop. Honestly, I was planning on doing something else before this was recommended to me. After a read through of it, I immediately wanted to do a video on it because I was infuriated. However, I didnít find the time and I left it to sit for a while. Now here I am, not as mad as before.

     What is Devil Drop about?

     Itís about a girl named Joan who had a sexy dream about a she-devil, only to find her in her living room. She then proceeds to ask the she-devil–Lakam–to be her roommate. Lakam seems to be the perfect roommate, but sheís a bit too perfect. Is this a match made in heaven? Or is it the beginning of hell on earth?

     The first thing Iíd advise is that this webtoon focuses a lot more on sex than it does actual romance. Sure, Joan is interested in Lakam, but thatís all there is to it.

     Chapter one to eight is fantastic. Then chapter nine hits and weíre introduced to Liko, Lakamís little sister. Suddenly, Iím hit with incest yet again. It becomes a giant mess after this. Thatís when I realize, ďIíve fallen for the same trap, didnít I?Ē

     Yes, I did.

     Chapter nine to thirteen is the reason why I wanted to make this post. Not only does Joan becomes a giant third wheel, the mood and atmosphere changes dramatically. Lakam, who weíve known before as the ďperfectĒ roommate, transform into this playboy. Then her attention goes all onto Liko. But maybe it was foreshadowed in the summary and I shouldíve expected it.

     Personally, I take offense to this. I donít like the sistersí attitudes, especially if it was done in my own home. I donít care if Lakam helped paid for the rent. Iíd give the money back and kick her out. Again, this is why I say personally. Iím not the one whoís attached to Lakam.

     If I look at it in Joanís perspective, sheís not mad about her situation. In fact, she feels like Liko loves Lakam a lot more than her, so she doesnít want to get in their way. Even if that calls for her being taken advantage of, she wants to give them space. She doesnít want to fight, I guess.

     Once I got to chapter fourteen, I like the way it was heading. I mean, I wish Liko wasnít here, but I still like the development nonetheless. At least Joanís a part of the action now.

     I say this focuses more on sex because later on, there are some BDSM portions, but I havenít gotten around to that yet. Speaking of sex exploration, I had a revelation during this. What if chapter nine to thirteen is a big segment for people who liked getting cucked? Thatís a big thing, apparently, so why not? I donít feel as mad about it when I think about it like that.

     Itís ridiculous, sure. It mightíve just been the artist not being able to make up more chapters with the two of them, okay. Maybe they just really wanted to take a different direction in the story. Iíd still go for my theory.

Overall, I enjoyed my experience with the webtoon. I forgot to say, but the art is fantastic. Iíd recommend you to wait a little bit until chapter fifteen is available unless you want to leave yourself with a bad taste. Or I guess if youíre into NTR or something. I mean, I wonít judge.

     Congratulation on getting here! Go and reward yourself with some yuri. I also have a Patreon if you enjoy my content and you want to support me. Just a dollar helps me out a lot!

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