Ike’s Top 5 Yuri of October 2018

     Hey, guys. It’s Ike. I realize that Top 10 lists are pretty popular, but I usually don’t like making them because it tend to be a lot of:

     “Why didn’t you have this on the list?”

However, I’ve already revealed my favorite list, which you can check out here. So I might as well make a Top 5 Yuri of [the current month]. Let this be known that it doesn’t have to be created in [the current month]. It’s my current favorite of [the current month]. I’ll stop doing that now. Also, there are going to be a lot of mangas because that’s my main platform.

         This month is going to be a bit weird since it is the first. If you’re a first timer here and you’ve yet to know my taste. You’re about to find out.

         Let’s get started.

5. Girls With Holes In Their Stomach by Tohani


     Now that we have the disclaimer out of the way, I will proceed to call it as Holes. The story isn’t written in the traditional manga format. Instead, it’s in a CG format. Unfortunately, it isn’t translated, but the pictures are haunting to look at. I definitely love the coloring choices. The monochrome blue creates such a huge contrast with the magenta.

The one particular scene with the lone girl really gets under my skin. One of my favorite horror manga is Uzumaki by Junji Ito and Holes reminds me of it. It’s not a complete spiral in the girls’ holes, but that it’s close enough to get me. It is quite the read. If you can’t stomach those two tags above, I’d recommend pretending that it doesn’t exist and move on.

     It’s October, guys. It’s time to get spooked. Read it here.

4. Our Reasonable Distance by Kanbayashi Makoto

     After I watched the first three episodes of Love Live! Sunshine!, I can kind of understand this doujin now. This is a Chika x You doujin (for the people who are picky with their pairings). It has a nice blend of yuri and teenage angst. 10/10 would not continue to read if there are more teen angst.

     When I first read this, I thought they both looked alike. Maybe they were twins, but then that’d be incest and there aren’t any siblings in Love Live! (to my knowledge).

Click here to read it.

3. Komori Quintet by Sugii Hikaru and Tiv

     I love the music genre and if there’s even a hint of yuri in it, I will take it! I’m sad that I didn’t find out about this when it was first released and I’m even sadder knowing that it’s been abandoned by the translators.

The story is about a girl named Chika who is the daughter of a drummer for a folk music band. Inspired by her mother, she is determined to join the folk music club in high school. Unfortunately, there isn’t a folk music club anymore. However, on a stroke of luck, she gets invited to a string quartet who have been looking for a drummer. And I swear I don’t even know what kind of music they are playing but I really want to hear it.

     It’s interesting for me because I played the violin and was in orchestra so anything that involves string instruments I’m immediately into it. It might not be your cup of tea, but I’d like if you give it a chance. I enjoyed the metaphor with the bremen quartet about how each of the string members were animals and Chika is their house. A house that steals everybody’s heart! Huehue.

2. How To Use That Magic by Monsieur

     I’ve been loving these Honoka x Nico series even though I have never watched Love Live!. I legit thought that Chika from Sunshine! is Honoka. When I started watching Love Live! Sunshine!, I found out that there were two different groups. I only know these characters from the mobile game and the doujins. That’s the extent of my knowledge.

     I love this one in particular because of the quiet spell. The other thing that I enjoy from Monsieur is their interpretation of Nico. I’ve seen a lot of her as a happy-go-lucky idol so this is a nice take on her. Again, I’ve never watched the anime.

     I recommend the rest of the Honoka X Nico series by Monsieur.

     Click here to read it.

1. Yohaneko Training Diary by Deadnoodles


     If you’ve been following my channel, this shouldn’t be a surprise. Besides music and yuri, I also like the combination of BDSM and yuri. I get bamboozled by the BDSM tag every time because it’s usually one scene, one page, or it’s simply somebody getting tied up.

         It displays a nice animal play and if anybody’s got a problem with “consent,” you can go ahead and watch my video. I explain it there. If it’s not your cup of tea, no problem.

     Click here to read it.

     Comment yes if you want more vanilla; @me on twitter if you want more terrible manga. I hope it’s not a pattern I do where I read an eroguro per month that somehow has yuri in it as well. I hope that’s not a thing. Actually, I’ll still read them.

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     I’ve done it. I made another list.

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