Ange Vierge [Anime Short Review]

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     Ange Vierge is by a studio called Silver Link, who also did Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu. It is based off a card game, which is something I misread. I thought this anime was about card games not based on one. You can imagine what I was feeling when I found out it wasn’t.

     Relieved. I didn’t really want to watch a card game anime.


     Also known as Pruning: The Animation. These girls are always bathing. What is getting them so dirty that they need to spend half of their time naked and wet (huhu)?

     Anyways, there are five planets. Suddenly they were fused together and the end of the world is inevitable as they get closer. Now everybody from the four other world travel to the fifth (Earth) to get trained on becoming super magical girls (Progress) and fight giant black dicks.

I wasn’t kidding.

     The story follows a group of six girls: Amane (alpha-driver), Saya, Stella, Nya, Almaria, and Elel. At some point, Saya says, “Fuck this. I’m taking over as the main character” and goes to steal Amane’s harem. No, seriously. I’m not fooling around.

     The enemy gets smarter (or the Progress got dumber) and ends up stealing all the high class Progress girls. Now our five underdogs (since Amane got wrecked) have to fight against their used-to-be comrades and save the worlds themselves.


     The first episode is them in the baths. For almost twelve minutes. Why? (Well, it’s pretty obvious)

     These girls are then coupled off with the high ranking Progress who are of the same race. We get a bit of a group conflict because Amane isn’t providing enough support for them. Afterwards, there’s the obligatory fight with the upper dogs and obviously our MCs get their ass handed to them.

     It was a bad choice to have Saya as the main character. Or even to have Saya in the first place. She does grow to be a somewhat likable person, but her character is so bland. She has the power to control light so of course she has a lightsaber (Sorry, I mean light sword). And that’s really all there is to her. She has a lightsaber.

     Oh, and she wants to be a special snowflake (and you know how these kind of characters are). The anime would’ve been better if Amane was still around. Seriously, Amane is in for four episodes. She does make appearances during her time in a rock via flashbacks.

This is Amane and the audience for the rest of the anime.

     Saya and Amane had a fight before the frozen experience, and Saya found out about Amane’s hard work all too late. So throughout the anime, she tries to get everybody to acknowledge that Amane was a goddamn good alpha-driver (all the while, stealing her harem). Each characters have their own episodes with Saya being the person who helps them get through their problems. Only two of them actually involves fighting.

     Also, Saya ruined a perfectly good yuri between Almaria and Sofina. I can’t forgive her for that.

     Almost everything about this anime is stupid. “Let’s send all of our best soldiers to this supposed enemy base and leave these low class girls here! Nothing bad is sure to happen!”

     By the way, I feel like the villains get fleshed out more than the main characters themselves. Then there are the two sisters Aguha and Mayuka who get their own segment of the anime until it’s Nya’s episode. As much as I like yuri, I didn’t care for these two and I ended up skipping over them. A lot of people loved them, though. For me, they’re there to fill in the missing minutes (could’ve used those minutes for something else).


     Not really. See, I’m the person who enjoys bad anime. I don’t mean the “so bad it’s good” kind. This is a stupid anime. The plot is stupid and the characters’ resolutions are lackluster. Saya is flat as a board (and I don’t mean just her chest).

     Yuri is barely tying this mess of an anime together and if you don’t like yuri, I don’t see the point of watching this. Overall, it’s a waste of time.

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