Thoughts On Elixir (Sungwon) [Yuri Review]

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     Hey guys, it’s Ike. Welcome to the first of my written Bad Ramblings where it isn’t so bad. Mild ramblings, you can say. I’ll take my leave now.

The topic of this post/video is about the yuri Korean webtoon, Elixir (Sungwon)

    A little bit of a backstory before we get started. Somebody recommended me this several months ago and I saw that it was from the publisher Lenzhin. I’m not fond of this publisher mainly due to their pay-per-chapter business. I’m a freeware kind of person and I’d like to give my money for something I actually enjoy. I apologize to lonetiger1000, who have bought all of the chapters.

    Fast forwarding to this month, I got a tweet from Brala who recommended me Elixir along with two other webtoons. Since I saw it again and it’s actually finished, I decided to read it at night. What I didn’t realize was that I was going to stay up until 3 AM to finish it.

    Alright, Ike, but what is this webtoon about?

    Eunha is heartbroken when she finds out her high school sweetheart, Siyeon, used an elixir to make her fall in love. When the two reunite 10 years later at a business meeting, Siyeon asks for a second chance. But before they can talk things out and rebuild their trust, greater magical forces interfere.

    I talk a lot in the video about how I don’t like the Korean media because of their love for drama. It’s a personal thing. I like drama, but the Koreans love to pour it all over me because they know what hurts me the most. So to the people who tell me that I don’t venture out into manhwa, you can pretty much figure out why. That and I don’t actually venture out to other websites to read my yuri. I’m a homebody.

    I would say, “Read the webtoon before you continue” at this point, but save yourself the frustration and read through my frustration instead.

    So I actually liked the first few chapters of Elixir, all the way until the big sister arrived. That’s when it becomes a giant mess. I can’t really discredit Sungwon for all this because they didn’t write the story. It’s written by P.P. I’ll have to read Daily Witch later to see their storytelling.

    I wished Hwayeon was simply an overprotective sister instead of an overprotective sister who is also super horny for her little sister. Would it make the webtoon slightly better? Not really, but the whole incest thing certainly feels inserted for the sake of fanservice. As if we don’t have enough of that already.

    Then through Hwayeon, we are introduced to Eom Bora whose sole purpose in this story is to mess things up. Other than that, she doesn’t really do anything else. She triggers the event that causes Siyeon to want to erase Eunha’s memory and she’s the one who brings them back together despite the year gap. After that, she isn’t needed anymore and she dies. Or she disappears off somewhere, I don’t remember.

    Both Eunha and Siyeon are a bunch of whiners, so I guess they’re made for each other. I can understand Eunha’s complaints since she is just a normal girl who is thrown into the world of magic. Every time I think of Eunha, I can’t stop quoting The Room. Everybody in her life lives in secrecy. Then there’s Siyeon who complains, but doesn’t really do much. In the scene where Eom Bora is about to rape Eunha, she whines about how this is a crime but ultimately got herself destroyed by Eom Bora.

    Then Eunha goes:

     Back to Hwayeon, who goes through quite the character change. She first comes in as the aggressive dominatrix, but then later softens up for some reason… I don’t get it. Afterwards, I suppose her madness and lust for her sister finally caught up to her. In season two, we get a backstory to the two sisters and it confuses me even more on how Hwayeon even got to the point in the beginning of the story.

    After the year gap in season one, we are introduced to the best character and the shining light in this webtoon: Yoo Bin. If she wasn’t in this, I would’ve stopped long ago.

    Yoo Bin doesn’t complain. She knows what she needs to do and she’s gonna do it. When she goes witch hunting, she is a badass who shoots first and ask questions later. Yoo Bin also brings out the maturity in Eunha because throughout her plotline, she’s trying to help Eunha regain her memory. However, Yoo Bin has fallen in love and is afraid that once Eunha recovers, she’s going to return to her past lover.

    Eunha tells her that even though she still harbors feelings for Siyeon, Yoo Bin is her current lover and that’s going to be her focus. Of course, before having a hole drilled into her stomach by Hwayeon. And here we are at the ending.

    I reread the last parts again since I now have an English translation of the ending. I can see the spirals twirling down in Hwayeon’s head, though again, I still don’t understand why. This leads to the part where Eunha gets a hole in her stomach. It isn’t simply a hole, but it is a curse.

    This curse works slow as it removes all traces of Eunha’s memories and perception. She can’t remember Siyeon, nor can she see her. Siyeon (still suicidal at this point) decides to talk with her sister in order to get the antidote. The only problem was that if she stayed in Hwayeon’s conscious for too long, she’ll get sucked in (or eaten… or merged). Then her conscious gets sucked in because she stayed in there for too long. Hah.

    In the final chapter, Yoo Bin hands Eunha the potion and she drinks it. At that point, she suddenly remembers something that she needs to do and she wanted Yoo Bin to come along. This is where she… somehow gets into Siyeon’s conscious and brings her out? I guess? The end?

Overall, this webtoon is a giant mess and I can’t even. So… is Eunha saving Siyeon and then just cucking her the rest of her life? I don’t know about this, fam.

    If you’ve made it here and you still want to read the webtoon to see “how bad it really is,” then go ahead. I won’t stop you. I’m only here to give you the warnings.Thank you guys for reading this. What do you think about Elixir if you have read it before? I also have a Patreon if you enjoy my content and you want to support me.

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