Top 10 Yuri For Beginners

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Hey guys, it’s Ike.

Here’s my top 10 yuri for beginnersof any form whether it’s an anime, a manga, or whatever else. Take everything with a grain of salt as this is only my opinion. Spoilers, there probably aren’t any anime on the list.

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10. Flowers -Le volume sur printemps-

This is a four part series with the second game coming out in 2018, even though it was supposed to come last year. Delays and such.

The first game focuses on a girl named Suoh Shirahane who is painfully shy as in she gave me anxiety throughout the entire game. She begins her first year in high school at a prestigious all-girls school called Saint Angraecum Academy because it’s a yuri.

The school has an Amitie program which is designed to help foster new friendships that “will last a lifetime.” Through this program, her fate is tied with two girls, Rikka Hanabishi and Mayuri Kousaka. As spring continues, will these friendships bloom into something more? Who will she choose?

That’s me trying to follow the summary of the game, but anyways, it’s a great yuri visual novel. It’s about $20 on steam and it took me about sixteen hours to finish. I do have a review on it. If you’re new to yuri visual novels, I’d say this is a great start to these peculiar yuri where it always involves a prestigious all-girls school but our main girl just so happens to be from a poor or decent family that’s never experience wealth before. If you’re iffy on the price, there are probably playthroughs of it on youtube.

Buy Flowers -Le volume sur printemps-

9. Strawberry Panic!

The light novel, not the anime. I’m not a big fan of the anime. It changes things that didn’t need to be changed and it cut out a character who I really enjoyed but also challenged the couple of St. Spica. And at least Hikari doesn’t get attacked multiple times in the light novel. All she says after getting attacked is that it was an act of friendship. A concept so good I had to bookmark it.

The story surrounds the three schools: St. Miator’s Girls’ Academy, St. Spica’s Girls’ Institute, and St. Lulim’s Girls’ School. Nagisa Aoi is our main protagonist who is transferred into St. Miator. She meets up with the current Etoile, Shizuma Hanazono and yuri-related things happened. We also got our other couple, Hikari Konohana, who is also a transfer student, and Amane Ohtori, who is a local celebrity of Spica, kind of like Shizuma. So basically the two couples are kind of the same, but not really. Then there are the girls at St. Lulim who I don’t really care much about.

The complete novel collection sells around $11 on Amazon or you could find it at Barnes & Nobles. It is three volumes put together so it’s around 600 pages. It’s worth the read and worth it to see the hype behind Strawberry Panic. Or I guess you can watch the anime, but it’s not the same. If you really want to see some yuri action, I guess the anime will fill you up.

Buy Strawberry Panic On Amazon

8. Nagashiro Rouge

Nagashiro is a mangaka who creates some interesting yuri. They have yet to make a series, but their one-shots are phenomenal minus the Three-Round Bout manga. That one was just okay. The one manga I’ll highlight is one called, “I Want To Leave Behind a Miraculous Love.”

The story is about Earth getting absolutely wrecked as it gets hit with multiple apocalypse like a murderous virus, nukes, aliens, and natural disasters. We follow these two girls who are unable to communicate with each other as they both speak different languages. However, their love goes beyond the language barrier.

It’s a good one-shot and there are more of them from this mangaka. The art is great, there’s smut, the story is profound, what else do you need? You greedy bastards…

Read Nagashiro Rouge’s Work


Hana Ni Arashi is a new yuri manga and it is absolutely adorable. If you’re looking for some pure yuri, here it is. The story’s about these two girls who are secretly dating each other and that’s basically it. Yeah, go and check it out.

Read Hana Ni Arashi

7. Sayuri’s Little Sister Is An Angel

Hachi Itou is one of my favorite yuri artist even if they’re a bit too into the onee-san x loli scene. I feel like that’s trouble brewing, but let’s be ignorant about that for now. They have done a lot of manga about fox girls and the art and coloring is fantastic. Just ignore what they might post on twitter sometimes and delete a minute after. Anyways…

The story is about a woman named Sayuri who one day meets her little sister again after thirteen years. There’s something peculiar about her little sister, Mikoto, and it’s because she’s got wings behind her back! Can’t believe it! Sayuri’s Little Sister Is An Angel! Is Mikoto actually an angel? Who knows and who cares! She only got one thing in mind and that’s to bang her sister.

So it’s kind of like an onee-san x loli thing plus incest, if that doesn’t make you normies uncomfortable yet. If I cared about the order of this list, I would’ve put this manga at number nine just because it might not be people’s cup of tea. On the other hand, I’ve said this before but I’ll say it again. I love Hachi Itou’s work and their art is a marvel.

The plot of this series is basic, but the characters makes up for it. There are good comedic scenes and each characters (minus the shop owner) gets their own segment. Give the first chapter a chance.

Read Sayuri’s Little Sister Is An Angel

6. Girl Friends

I supposed I can’t make a list without putting Girl Friends on it. Anyways, this iconic manga is a great starter for people who want… to get into yuri manga. It’s sweet, it’s wholesome, and best of all, it’s a completed story. It is published in the west and you can get it on Amazon for $18 each, although it is Amazon so there is some of kind “sale” on it.

The story of Girl Friends is about a shy girl named Mariko who got picked up by the ever so popular girl named Akko Oohashi. Mariko is introduced to a new circle of friends and Akko helps her through her shyness and sense of isolation. Not only that, they’ve both awakened feelings they never knew they had. Wow, what is that summary.

One of my favorite thing in this manga is that it shows you the passage of time. The most obvious are their haircuts. Not everybody keep the same haircut for their entire life. The girls don’t have massive changes, but slightly different styles throughout the year. Other than that, this is an enjoyable manga with the right amount of drama. Still a great manga after multiple reads and a must-have in your yuri collection.

Buy Girl Friends On Amazon

5. Kanamemo

Half way through, I realized that there is a yuri anime that I enjoyed. It’s called Kanamemo and it’s based off of a four-panel manga. It’s a comedy and it’s a slice-of-life, so basically nothing really happens. I’m just kidding. According to my trusty source, Wikipedia, it is about Kana Nakamichi and her growing experience as a newspaper deliverer, cook, and orphan.

The story centers on a middle school girl named Kana who recently lost the last of her relative, her grandma. Due to a hilarious misunderstanding, she ends up running away and is now homeless. While trying to find a job, she stumbles upon a newspaper delivery company who is hiring and are able to provide shelter. The setback is that everybody there are a bunch of weirdos. But I guess it wouldn’t be an anime if they were just normal people.

I remember watching this back in 2010 or 2011. It was one of the first yuri anime I enjoyed at the time. I’ve made it clear that I don’t like Strawberry Panic. Kashimashi wasn’t for me. I was never interested in Sasameki Koto or Sweet Blue Flowers. Let’s not even talk about Kannazuki no Miko. But I will doubt my younger self because I was into ecchi anime.

There is a yuri couple in the anime and they get a lot of yuri screen time. Later on, there is this tsundere is probably has a crush on Kana. Lots of fanservice. There’s a loli or technically three in the anime. Fun stuff. Check it out.

Buy Kanamemo On Amazon
Watch Kanamemo

4. A Kiss And White Lily For My Dearest Girl

It’s another yuri set in an all-girl school because why not? We can’t have just one yuri couple, we gotta add new one every volume! Thank you, Canno. Anyways, the story is about a girl named Ayaka Shiramine who was the perfect student until she entered high school. She expected to be in first place, but finds out that her classmate Yurine Kurosawa is a lazy girl who is also a genius. By Canno’s meaning of genius, it means that Kurosawa can do just about everything.

She’s first in academics. She’s great at every sports even if she’s never played it before. She’s good at cooking. But somehow she manages to fit in a 16 hour sleep schedule.

The fact that there is a new couple every volume makes this series very interesting. One thing I enjoy from a good romance manga is the fact that it doesn’t fully focus on the romance. There are new problems Shiramine and Kurosawa faces every volume, plus the side romance between the two new girls. As they solve these issues, their relationship improves. It’s the reason why I loved the first season of Kimi ni Todoke and why I hated the second season.

Other than that, it is on amazon, which you can check out below. Or be like me and read the manga online first, then click on the link below.

Buy A Kiss And White Lily On Amazon

3. Bloom Into You

This series is a breath of fresh air for me. The way the main character goes about in romance is an interesting concept. So the story is about a high school girl named Yuu who loves shoujo manga and yearns for the day someone might make her heart flutter. However, when a boy confesses his feelings to her–she feels nothing. Taking this emptiness with her, she enters high school where she meets Nanami, a confident and beautiful member of the student council.

When the next person to confess to Yuu is Nanami herself, has her romantic dream finally come true? I suppose they can’t spoil the beginning so they’d have to go for the generic “will her love come true?” kind of spiel.

I love this manga. I can really connect to it. I’m a bit of a downer with the smut now that I think differently about it, but smut is still smut. You can see my thoughts about it in my Bad Ramblings which you can check out in the corner of this video. Other than that, it’s a great take on asexual or demisexual people. I would just say asexual, but somebody tried to fight me on that so…

Buy Bloom Into You On Amazon

2. Kase-san

This manga is a pure yuri at heart. I remember not giving it much thoughts in the beginning, but as I reread it and finished it, I came to adore this series. The story is about Yamada who is a part of the greenery committee and is awfully shy.

One day, she has a fateful meeting with the track star, Kase-san. It was like love at first sight, but wait a minute, a romance between two girls? That can’t happen. Or at least, that’s what Yamada thinks. Yuri shall prevail!

I make fun of this manga sometimes because of the constant trouble Yamada stirs up and the amount Kase-san has to go through in order to mend it. Then I read it again for the third time and I realize the amount of anxiety that Yamada gives me. She’s one of those shy characters who have trouble socializing, and these types of characters kill me every time. God, why are they so relatable?

Anyways, the chemistry between Yamada and Kase-san is spectacular. It’s may seem like love at first sight, but it was a gradual romance that’s been building up before the story began. The art in the beginning isn’t bad, but the mangaka does make various improvements throughout the volumes. This is a manga I highly recommend if you are curious about yuri.

Buy Kase-san On Amazon


Hey! What if I do like smut? I don’t want your “pure yuri.” Where’s my lesbian sex? Okay, look here, there’s this artist called Mira and she has a lot of stories with a lot of lesbian sex. So you take that and you get out of here! And here, take Asagi Ryu too while you’re at it! Ryu likes to do a lot of watersport and also, when will I ever get an update on Age 15? Somebody fill that in for me.

Read Mira’s Work
Read Asagi Ryuu’s Work

1. Kindred Spirits on the Roof

We’ve come full circle. It’s a yuritopia! Kindred Spirits is a visual novel about a girl named Toomi Yuna who is able to see these two female spirits. Enoki Sachi and Nagatani Megumi both died separately a long time ago, and they found love after death. Knowing that Yuna can see them, they decide that she will be the catalyst to their yuritopia. It’s an all-girl academy, so what’d you expect?

The game comes at a hefty $35 that’ll take you around twenty hours to finish. The Full Chorus version is coming to steam and Mangagamer which provides new CGs and having the entire game fully voiced. The production quality of this game is fantastic and it’s worth the money. There are a total of seven couples in this game, including two off the side characters, who you can totally ship with. Each have their unique quirks and they are all lovable. There’s a yuri couple for everybody!

My favorite couple is Youka and Aki, by the way.

I love the writing in this. I love the art. The music is great but goddamn that melodramatic acoustic guitar can go to hell. The story is written out in days and we get different perspectives and events on the same day. There are more events unlocked after you’re done, so it’s great to go back to check them out.

There is a manga out by Hachi Itou, Aya Fumio, Toitentsu, and Liar-Soft. I personally would recommend only Hachi Itou’s side of the story because it actually felt like it was a part of the Kindred Spirit world instead of Aya Fumio and Toitentsu’s. Their side felt more like an original story which just happened to have characters from the game. You can also check my video on it in the corner of this video.

And just in case you feel like you haven’t gotten enough from this game; there are the drama CDs as well which are a great addition.

Buy Kindred Spirits On The Roof Visual Novel
Buy Kindred Spirits Manga On Amazon

This is my first time making a top 10 yuri for beginners. It’s harder than expected. Will I make another one? Probably not. Anyways, I hope you guys enjoyed this. What do you think of all the yuri I’ve listed? Are you the pure type or are you the one trying to find the smut? Or maybe you’re a blend of both. Tell me in the comments down below!

Other than that, thank you for taking the time to read this. Please remember to leave a comment and share the yuri with your friends. Check me out on Patreon if you enjoy my content and you want to support me financially. Again, thank you for sticking around and I’ll see you guys in the next post!

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