Ike’s Top 5 Yuri of June 2019

Hey guys, it’s Ike, and I’m back at it again. Remember what I wrote in the last Top 5 Yuri blog? April was a stale month for me, and May wasn’t exactly any better. In fact, I only found two and one of them I’ve already featured on another top yuri list. It’s Virgin’s Empire, by the way. There are new chapters. You should check it out.

Thoughts On Yuri Is My Job! [Yuri Review]

What is Yuri Is My Job? Hime is the class ďperfectĒ princess, but in reality, she is always scheming and manipulating others with her fake persona. One day, she accidentally bumps into Mikoshiba, the manager of a peculiar cafe business, and injures her arm. Afraid that her image might be shattered, Hime decides to help Mikoshiba cover her shifts until her arm heals up. Unbeknownst to her, she meets with a beautiful Onee-san who has a mean streak. Basically, to sum it up, the Onee-san is a giant tsundere, and it is absolutely adorable.

Ikeís Top 5 Yuri Of April 2019

Hey guys, itís Ike. So, April has been rather stale in terms of yuri. How stale? Well, according to my twitter, I read over 500 chapters of regular manga in three days. There just hasnít been a lot of compelling yuri and all the ones Iím following are on the slow side. But hey, here we are. You see the title. Eventually, I did find five.

Kase-san Yuri Manga Review

Long story short, Kase-san is a great read. Throughout the five volumes, you get to see their relationship grow along with the art. Itís a coming-of-age type story and it displays all of Yamadaís insecurities and anxiety as heart-wrenching as it is. But it also shows the meaning of communication and how it ultimately fixes just about everything in these romance stories but it seems like nobody ever wants to talk. Sorry for the rant.

Ike’s Top 5 Yuri Of March 2019

After the month of love, Ike thought it’d be a great idea to make a list of sad yuri. Then she realizes that she wouldn’t want to ruin her own day, so she went with just regular yuri… or did she? Stay on your toes with Ike’s top 5 yuri of March 2019.